Thursday, 16 February 2017

"We are silly pampered white people"

22nd minute: "There is something visceral about this." Damn right. It was so visceral I posted
It was so visceral I got over 3000+ hits.

It was so fucking goddam visceral my parents who are not white rang me from the Far East - they who don't live in Europe and don't intend to move here to live, but love the quaintness of Europe when they come to visit - to ask if European governments had gone mad and why on earth they allowed it to happen. Yup, it was that VISCERAL.

Watching it now, it just makes me want to cry, to observe the lack of urgency, the sleep-walking off a cliff, the heedless denial, the affected deafness, the studied refusal to understand or do anything.

40th minute: Jenny Hill's behaviour analysed and described.

Brown people are receptacles of the charity of white middle class females.  

White women don't get much out of a kick from being nice to their own poor, which is why they don't bother with them.

"They know we love to feel sympathy for them. They know that we love to feel guilt. They know exactly how to pull our strings."

"Our"? Not me or any of the others of all races complaining about migrant swarms, but the white middle class women who love brown people to be receptacles of their charity.    


"I am not a fan of democracy generally. I think it is pretty messy and morally corrupting. Every system has its own problems, but democracy is asking for trouble."


"Liberals are intellectually children who cannot address the world as it really is. When a hard choice comes up, they are not really up to the challenge at all." [Colin Robertson refers the reaction of liberals when he asked them how they would feel if they were the last white person on their street, or if they their child was the last white child in their school and how many immigrants should come to Britain before white guilt is assuaged. Not one of them answered.]


"The powers that be have overplayed their hand." 

"This insane thing is huge and epoch-making."

"The politicians who allowed this should never be forgiven. Expect sporadic civil unrest."

"There will be civil war within ten years."

"What liberals believe is preposterous, exist nowhere in nature and clearly contradict human nature."

"It is demonstrably true that equality contradicts human nature. It is perverse, unworkable and unachievable."

"Liberals, your country needs you. You have to stop voting for these utopian parties with their insane ideas."

"Liberals, you must stop hating and ostracising people and hiding away from subjects such as migration."

"Liberals, it is selfish of you to maintain this delusion. Your country really does need you."

"There is something about the committed liberal that makes him want to hate his own people."

"This weird combination of self-hatred and complacency needs to become part of Europe's history."

"There's no way we can give up the delusions we have had since WW2 except what I think is coming."

"It takes Europeans to build Europe, it takes Europeans to sustain Europe, it takes Europeans to love Europe."

Humans are not fungible. Neoliberalism and globalism treats humans as if we were.*

Globalism is the Worship of Mammon and Materialism Writ Large, ultimately soulless and destructive of human dignity.*

* my words

Unexpectedly, I found myself in tears watching this. 

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