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A post-matriarchy and post-Brexit Islamic Britain

An exchange about a post-Brexit and post-matriarchy Britain at

Notice how the PM now says immigration levels might not decrease after Brexit, treating the issue as if it is beyond her control. Yet it is precisely she who can do something about it - e.g by implementing an upper limit on numbers. Politicians treat immigration as a self-regulating phenomenon.

They are probably aware that the need for labour remains and the indigenous labour force remains unfit for purpose. We should just close our borders, declare martial law under a state of emergency after we dismantle the welfare state and sort our shit out.

Isn't that a bit radical?

How else are we going to sort our shit out once and for all? I know our great unwashed will start rioting the moment we take away their precious welfare state.

What will you do deal with the rioters after you have taken away their welfare state?

I will have organised local citizens' militias consisting of non-criminal elements of society to deal with the rioters who will be the criminal elements of society. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.
Will people be dying and starving in the streets after you have dismantled the welfare state and declared a state of emergency under martial law?

No, they can die comfortably in their own homes. Citizens' militias will arrest beggars and rough sleepers and put the able-bodied to work.

What if no one wants to buy the slaves who are slaves because they refuse all paid employment?

Such people will be taken to a remote island to join the others of their ilk.

What will happen to the Spinster Single Mothers who are a Burden on the State?

They will be housed in an all female commune where they will be encouraged to pair up so one of them can go to work while the other stays at home to look after the children.

Would you be in favor of a revival of the workhouse for petty criminals and the unwanted?

Slavery is a better way of making a criminal repay his debt to society.

Then you should know that all social unrest and revolutions end badly. You can tinker with the welfare state without abolishing it. I would certainly encourage generous unemployment insurance to cover periods of joblessness, which will mean more work for lawyers.

Good government requires that government tackle longstanding social problems of the working classes of Britain no longer being fit for the purpose of working.

Charity is enjoined by the Koran and voting citizens shall have the constitutional right not to be taxed more than a flat rate income tax of 20%.

Within these constraints, I think we can see to it that people do not starve and die on the streets.

"Australia and North America are full of immigrants and they can't blame the EU not being part of it." - I oppose Australian-style points system as it can mean increasing immigration. 1/4 of Oz is foreign-born. Easier to have zero-net imm - peg no of incomers to outgoers. Industry must then adjust.

As you wish. I am not going to be prescriptive about how much immigration any country ought to have, but am saying that before we can sort our shit out we need to close the door, just as you would decently close the toilet door if you feel the need to urinate, defecate or vomit.

My understanding of the Koran is that the taxes levied have to go in part to the poor and needy, which means a welfare state. I have read Muslim scholars previously arguing that the Islamic welfare state predates Western social democracy.

You really must not confuse a welfare state with charity. You have the option of not giving to charity but not the option of refusing to pay your taxes.

 "am saying that before we can sort our shit out we need to close the door, just as you would decently close the toilet door if you feel the need to defecate or vomit." - Do you mean a temporary ban on all immigration while a sensible immigration policy is devised? That used to be UKIP policy.

I mean that to really sort our shit out we are going to have to upset a lot of people and things could turn ugly. We owe it to non-nationals to warn them of the probable civic unrest that will be caused by dismantling the welfare state. Just as you will not invite guests to stay with you while you are spring cleaning, you should let foreign nationals return to their countries of origin before you sort out your immigration policy.

Immigration policy is based on the need for foreign labour, and our need for foreign labour is based on the fitness for purpose of the indigenous labour force.

The fitness for purpose of the indigenous labour force can only be established after dismantling the welfare state and turning current welfare claimants into members of the local workforce. Most welfare claimants are unlikely to be desirable employees, but the extent of their unsuitability needs to be properly established. The presence of large numbers of foreign workers will obscure and distort the view.

I was surprised to learn that almshouses still exist and there are ever newer ones. I like this community-based, religiously-oriented solution to social housing and would encourage more of it:

Social housing can be slave quarters.

What is the prison policy of Secular Koranism?

Criminals will be publicly flogged and then sent on their way or enslaved to pay their debt to society.

What is the drug policy of Secular Koranism?

I am inclined to leave people alone until they commit crimes and then treat those committing crimes while intoxicated or addicted as an aggravated offence, executing them after three convictions.

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