Friday, 31 March 2017

Are White People the problem?

What is the problem exactly?


The problem is of course immigration, but they white people did it to themselves. If white people did not allow other races into their countries, then they would not be having problems with them now, would they?

If immigration is such a problem for white people, then why don't they just stop it with their democracy if most people have a problem with it? But they can't.

Why not?

Because white people cannot agree amongst themselves what they should do about immigration.

Some white people - the liberal elite - don't have a problem with immigration, but most do. It is the liberal elite who control the media and the media can make most people believe whatever the media want them to believe.

Obviously, if white people want to keep their culture and things the way they are, they have to control immigration.

If they have a problem controlling immigration, they should ask themselves why. Opinion appears to be evenly divided about immigration, but we should bear in mind that is men who are more racist than women because their interests are more directly threatened.

Have you noticed that the lionesses in the lion's harem never help the lion fight when there is a male intruder hoping to usurp him to have access to his harem?

They don't care because they want to have the cubs of the winner even as they know that the usurper if he wins will kill the cubs of the previous incumbent. It is all the same to them.

Are white men like that lion, but forced to be friendly and welcoming to potential usurpers because the lionesses prefer it and he believes in democracy in an environment of indiscriminate universal suffrage?

Then more fool him.

The video only complains about Muslims and Islam, but never mentions the role of democracy, feminism and liberalism in breaking down white men's willingness to protect their interests and culture.

Feminism has utterly emasculated the white man rendering him unable even to defend a principle, let alone his nation. It is doubtful if he any longer understands what a principle is. He probably thinks having principles cramps his style, preventing him from acting on impulse, caprice and expediency. Muslims however have principles because they have religious principles which they are obliged to follow.

What principles ought we to have if we want to have principles just for the sake of having them, like a moral status symbol, to show that we are better than non-human animals who cannot be expected to know what principles are for, let alone have them?

Mine are simply to submit to truth, logic and morality. It seems there are plenty of white men who think they are too good to do that, because they are so white and clever and superior and have no need to obey any rules and can do what they like, whenever and wherever.

You may have noticed that white culture - drug culture, pub culture, the culture of entitlement and the culture of excuses - is not about supporting the institutions of marriage and the family. It is therefore inevitable that it will be replaced by Islam which has a culture of supporting marriage and family values instead of sex and drugs and rock and roll.

So what is the real problem with white people and why can't they fix their problems?

Because they are in denial about the nature of their problems and keep complaining about the symptoms of terrorism and immigration rather than curing the disease of feminism, neoliberalism and neoconservatism, which they cannot do unless they accept the truth, the operation of reason and the nature and purpose of morality.

Because they won't accept the truth, or the conclusions logic leads them towards, or the dictates of morality, they are in denial. Because if they were not in denial, I would have a job in the media or be famous by now, but it is the purpose of the corrupt liberal media to deny my existence however newsworthy I and my ideas are.

When the media of White People finally becomes fit for purpose and reports news rather than suppressing it, there might just be hope for them.

God and the demographic winter to come for the post-industrial societies of the East and West 

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