Saturday, 11 March 2017

Why it is harder to be a man than a woman explained in under 11 minutes

All men still interested in forming a long term relationship with a woman should view this.

Women should view it too as evidence of why it is harder to be a man than a woman.

Would women be able to deal with this sort of shit every day without their heads that is full of pink and fluffy stuff exploding?

I don't think so.

This probably explains why most men who don't feel up to dealing with this crap go gay or become asexual or prefer to masturbate to porn instead or spend their time and energy trying to invent the perfect sex bot? What do you think?

Perhaps the only way of explaining this to women is to ask them to imagine their pet suddenly having the same rights as they do and the ability of telling their owners exactly what they think of them.

Oh, and can take half of their owner's stuff under the rules of no fault divorce.


CL said...


Claire Khaw said...

Did you watch the video?

CL said...

No, I'd rather watch music from the 1970s & 80s.

Claire Khaw said...

I knew you wouldn't get any of this, so why did you respond?

CL said...

You're not right in the head Claire.

Claire Khaw said...

How so?

CL said...

I'm not a shrink - but you should see one.

btw, western men are more interested in football than any of your shit & third world men are more interested in raping.

Claire Khaw said...

Why would you think I am mentally ill? Just because you dislike what I say?

CL said...

You demonstrate severe obsessive tendencies - along with narcissism.

Claire Khaw said...

I am well aware that football is the opium of British men.

All heterosexual men are interested in sex.

The rapefugees believe themselves to be conquerors and Western men to be weak and stupid. What else are they supposed to think when Western man suffers their countries to be invaded and their women raped and do nothing?

I only appear obsessive because I am determined to make my point in the face of ignorance, apathy and indifference, surrounded by people who pretend they don't know what I am talking about, and I don't just mean you. I mean men too.

CL said...

Refugees are cowards who'd rather sponge off us than stay & fight for their own lands - now that's weak emasculated men for you.

Claire Khaw said...

The point is that the rapefugees are here, and Western man is not doing anything about them because the matriarchy forbids them from complaining about the rapefugees.

In Germany, the rapefugees say to the German men, "Your leader - a woman - invited us here."

This German men cannot deny.

The rapefugees know how weak and stupid German men must be to suffer such a woman to be their leader and take no steps to remove her.

CL said...

Claire - plenty of western men complain about immigration. I am going now because unlike some people my whole life does not revolve around the internet.

Claire Khaw said...

Typical woman - leaving now to pretend she has more important things to do when she hasn't even grasped the point of this post because she hasn't viewed the video.

AfD is lead by a woman.

CL said...

Fuck off Claire.

I have a life - something which you clearly do not, I have to walk my dog before my friend comes to visit me.

Do you know what a friend is?

Claire Khaw said...

I don't mind you pretending you have more important things to do when you are clearly alarmed and distressed that I should be challenging feminism.

I fully expect you to adopt the hit and run debating tactics of libtards.

I have a range of male and female friends, and a noticeable difference between male and female behaviour when discussing politics.

Women on the whole don't like discussing politics and have difficulty grasping abstract ideas.

They are also more easily frightened by them and more likely to be censorious.

AB said...

A solution to the problem of women is MGTOW.

Claire Khaw said...

MGTOW is a symptom of the disease, not the cure.

AB said...

No MGTOW is when you have the smarts, the looks and the money but you still don't need the crap. We have the ability to pick and choose and females have no power over us. Oh, and its the future

Its also a cure for parasites.

Claire Khaw said...

No marriage, no patriarchy.

No patriarchy, no nation.

No nation - the end of your civilisation.

LG said...

MGTOW is just a male form of feminism, wanting the same sort of rights and privileges women enjoy because they have bought into egalitarianism.

All it does is allow men to avoid becoming victims of women on an individual level without doing anything to cure the disease.

Only reinstituting patriarchy can do it.

Claire Khaw said...

"Why don't women care about men's civilisation?

Because they didn't create it and know they will be OK whatever happens, in just the way a lion's harem never come to his assistance when they know if he loses the fight against his potential usurper he has to leave the pride and his cubs will be killed by the usurper. If their cubs are killed, that's just fine with the lionesses, because they will be impregnated again by the victor, who won't have a loser's genes."