Wednesday, 1 March 2017

The Battle for Barking revisited post Obama

To my surprise I find this evening that I never saw this documentary, although many of the scenes are familiar to me as clips on YouTube, especially the one of Bob Bailey - an impressive streetfighter - in a scuffle with some Asian youths. 

The word elegiac comes to mind  though of course the music was added later after the results were known.

"Always cry out in pain as you strike your enemy" was the tactic clearly being employed by Labour not short of funds or the minds of bright young researchers working for them or large numbers of the immigrant community organised to frighten other voters into not voting BNP.

My memory is a little hazy now, but I remember trying to tell them to be nicer to the immigrants and not frighten them too much with anti-immigrant rhetoric, but as usual, I was ignored. They couldn't have done what Trump did to win the Presidential election by being nice to legal immigrants, because they didn't have it in them to be like that, for class reasons, probably. Anyway, when Margaret Hodge told the immigrant community that the BNP would if elected throw their babies out of helicopters she was instantly believed. (This is actually a very old Labour tactic. In the 1980s I met a Sikh woman - the sister of my BBC journalist ex-friend - who seemed to believe that voting Tory would mean being "sent home on the first banana boat", because this was what the local Labour Party had been repeatedly telling her. Years later, this ex-friend informed me that her mother had moved to Ascot to get away from her West London neighbourhood that now had too many Asians.)

How sullen, abusive and violent the immigrant community were to my mates in BNP activists was quite telling. It is how nasty people might treat abandoned children because they know they can get away with it, because they already know no one cares about them.

"Why did British people die in the Second World War?" one BNP-supporting householder asked.

"They died to let everyone come in and take over."

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