Friday, 3 March 2017

The Caliphate: a vision of the future?

It's a constitutional dictatorship.

We can default on our debts - yay!

God will be the policeman inside people's heads. 

A curious proposal. If that happens, will we become like America and fill up with Mexicans criminals? Perhaps the sharia will deal very firmly with them.

It seems fair enough, and I have had it up to here fretting about the deep state and Trump, to the extent of losing sleep because I worry so much. Have you too had enough of wondering if your politicians are up to the job of governing? (We already know they are fools and knaves and the puppets of our deep state, don't we?) I just want to know someone competent is in charge. It seems the Caliphate offers us peace of mind.

Instead of MPs, we could have mini-Caliphs, who have to satisfy a residential qualification in their constituency as well as pass a three hour exam consisting of five questions concerning

1) Koranic principles
2) their principles
3) what they understand by the national interest.
4) why they think they they should be Caliph
5) who else they think should be Caliph other than themselves and why

These mini-Caliphs who want to be Caliph can then choose the Caliph under the Papal Conclave rules, and Bob's your uncle, we will have a Britannic Caliphate. (NB: Women will be disqualified from being Caliphs because they are women.)

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