Saturday, 1 April 2017

Population decline and degeneracy linked to tolerating premarital sex

For any environmentalists who protest that the world is over-populated, we should bear in mind that Malthusian theory dictates that this will always be solved by war, pestilence and famine to cut down our numbers again, so we needn't worry our pretty little heads about that, because the problem will solve itself.

God's plan for us is to divide ourselves into nations, compete against each other and be rewarded if we are the civilisation that follows God's laws most most rationally and humanely.

But what about war, you ask? Isn't it a terrible thing? Well, yes and no. War rewards enterprising and wise fighting men, while peace rewards femininity, arts and letters. After every war, there is a technological leap and this is when scientific knowledge is increased. Out of evil comes good, and out of good comes evil.

God if He exists is Darwinian.

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