Thursday, 20 April 2017

Questions I was asked about feminism

Q.  Why are you not a feminist?

A.   Because I am not immoral, evil, selfish, stupid and irrational. Feminism encourages women to be promiscuous women and such women should be discouraged for the good of your civilisation and the long term national interest. All feminists assume the right of women to have premarital sex and these promiscuous women are the soldiers of feminism who corrupt the morals of men by bribing them with fornication. The conquest is now successful and complete. You won't find a single senior white Western male politician prepared to uncompromisingly support marriage. Not even won't senior politicians discuss this, no senor academic will discuss this either, and certainly no senior nationalist.

These pathetic white nationalist men who complain about being exploited by Jews and invaded by Muslims are actually too afraid to marry women of their own race because they know the rules of no fault divorce would financially eviscerate them the moment their wife is bored or irritated, or has a political disagreement with their husbands.

Q.  What do you think about patriarchy?

A.  All advanced civilisations are patriarchies, all declining and primitive societies are matriarchies. Why would someone who lives in an advanced civilisation want to live in a primitive society or be degenerate? Only the degenerate. I don't want to be degenerate.

They could be talking about the abolition of no fault divorce or why marriage is eugenic and bastard dysgenic, but they prefer to blame Jews and Muslims who piss on them from on high that they are too venal and sex-addicted to give up because they already know they are unmarriageable and are too atomised to co-operate with each other to organise a revolution or an effective political movement.

Having just seen how Trump has utterly betrayed them, they have had the stuffing knocked out of them, yet again.

They also know they are all beta males and no beta male will accept the authority of another beta male.

These arrogant fuckers just won't accept that they need a religion with patriarchal moral values that supports the institution marriage and think they can get what they want (ie a pogrom against Jews and Muslims and immigrants) without this.

Most of them just hope to die before Western civilisation as they know it collapses anyway.

God will not change the lot of a people until they change what is in their hearts, says this verse.

What are in the hearts of these degenerate atheist fucktards?

They want to remain MCSFs till the day they die. So sad, when many of them are obviously no longer even sexually active.

So, while they remain in denial in the hope of fucking promiscuous women, or wanting to avoid offending them because these promiscuous women are their daughters, sisters, grandmothers etc, things will continuing going from bad to worse till Western civilisation as we know it collapses.

Q.  What do you think about intersectionality?

A.  Intersectionality is about the acquisition of victimhood as a means of achieving status in a degenerate and declining society. It is a feminine stratagem and useful only for this purpose when your society is already a stinking degenerate matriarchy on its way to hell in a handcart and accelerating fast.

Q. What do you think about rape culture?

A.  As I understand it, the term "rape culture" is about not asking obvious questions of the complainant as to how she came to be raped, as she alleged. Was she drunk? Was she silent and thus indicating consent as her alleged rapist had intercourse with her? Did she by her behaviour indicate that her alleged rapist had reasonable grounds for thinking she was consenting? What was she wearing? If she objected to having sex, why didn't she struggle? The defence is no longer allowed to ask these questions.

Q.  What do you think about objectification?

A.  You mean women as sex objects? Men want to have sex with women, and women want men to give them stuff in return. This is the way of the world.

Q.  What do you think about cat calling?

It is how lower class men indicate their appreciation of a woman's attractiveness when they are in groups.

Q.  What do you think about slut shaming/sex positivity?
A.  Obviously, fornicatresses who are promiscuous women must be shamed to discourage women from being and becoming fornicating promiscuous women and adulteresses. That is the only way to eradicate feminism. Emasculated men enfeebled by half a century of being breast fed premarital sex won't get it together to comprehensively denounce this or uncompromisingly support marriage. It would be like expecting the most degraded drug addict to call the cops on his dealer. That is why a big new idea is necessary to galvanise these degenerate enfeebled emasculated beta male victims of feminism. It is probably too late for them now anyway, but for the sake of good order I will continue to keep pointing this out.

Q.  What do you think about lgbt issues?

A.  LGBT sex is a category of extramarital sex that the Koran forbids.

Q.  What do you think about minority rights issues?

A.  I think we should be focusing on what form the *dominant culture* should now take. That is the real question. I am interested in being part of the dominant culture and being one of the people who had a hand in the formation of the new dominant culture.

Q.  What do you think about gender discrimination?

A.  We should expect it since everyone exercises it.

Q..  What do you think about misogyny/misandry?

A.  Men and women who have had bad experiences and relationships with the opposite sex will feel bitter and angry. This is less likely to occur in a patriarchy than in the stinking degenerate matriarchy that we have now.

Q.  What do you think about anti feminism/MRAs/MGTOW?

A.  MGTOW is part of the matriarchy.

The only way to solve the problem of feminism is to re-establish the patriarchy.

The only way to re-establish the patriarchy is to see to it that most members of society practise marriage and respect its rules ie no extramarital sex (and this includes premarital and gay sex).

MGTOW not marrying would just exacerbate the degeneracy of criminal bastards who will soon become the majority, making society even more criminal and chaotic.

MRAs who still don't understand this are being willfully blind because they don't want to grasp the nettle of denouncing promiscuous fornicatresses because they want to have sex with women without marrying with them or paying for a prostitute.

Q. What do you think about men's issues?

A. Beta male victims of feminism clearly have many issues with feminism and I have already proposed that it be eradicated with Secular Koranism, because I can't quite see any other system of rules with sufficient moral authority being strong enough to do the job.

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