Wednesday, 5 April 2017

The Idiocracy and Matriarchy of the West

Stupid Slut:

Last year, someone on Facebook forced me to strip in front of him. It might be social media, but this is still a virtual society and social norms must be adhered to.


How did this person force you to strip in front of him on Facebook?

Stupid Slut:

By use of emotional manipulation. It's sexually abusive tactic known as grooming.

This woman is a graduate in an apparently responsible job who compounded her stupidity by admitting to it and then failing to take responsibility for her stupidity or realising it for what it was.

What must be borne in mind is that these women have the vote and Western politicians pander to them, knowing that capturing the female vote is crucial to electoral success.

What does this say about our much-vaunted democracy? It is surely nothing but the systematic cultivation of failure leading to the decline and fall of your civilisation.

Men are so much under the spell of the stupid slut now that they will not denounce it, because sexually active bachelors all hope that somewhere out there, there is a stupid slut prepared to strip in front of him and have sex with him no questions or money asked, if he asks her nicely.

Even married men refuse to denounce sluts because they are only too aware that their wives will be offended if they do this and divorce them, thereby depriving them of their matrimonial home and access to their children.

As for the men who are already divorced and no longer sexually active, they will fear to offend their children who are sluts and slut fuckers, who may abandon and reject their father just for holding a view they find offensive. (Feminism with its Cult of Youth has seen to it that the young no longer respect their elders.)

What about sexually inactive bachelors who do not have any wives or sexually active children indulging in extramarital sex to offend?

They will fear to offend practically everyone they know.

Clearly, there is no man in the West masculine enough to defend patriarchal moral values. Not even Trump is man enough to declare the Culture War against Feminism, which operates through turning women into sluts and men into Morally Compromised Slut Fuckers incapable of uncompromisingly defending marriage and the family, without which Patriarchy and Nationhood are impossible.

And that is why the Great Matriarchy of the West is going to hell in its handcart, and we with it.

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