Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Claire Khaw considers sacrificing her liberty and life in her non-violent jihad against matriarchy

While I am aware that this role should by rights be played a white male, I have noted the utter emasculation of white males over the decades and know that even men who agree with me would be too afraid of saying so in public because they fear to alienate

1)  their wives who may divorce them for holding a political view they disapprove of

2)  the women in a position senior to them

3)  their daughters who will reject them

4)  their girlfriends with whom they are already fornicating

5)  any woman with whom they hope to fornicate

6)  their male associates who are mostly Morally Compromised Slut Fuckers (MCSFs) unable to uncompromisingly support marriage

7) any passing slut who will accuse them of misogyny (which is now even worse than being accused of being a racist, anti-Semite or an Islamophobe)

I am just the ideal person for the job precisely because I do not have a wife to alienate and do not much mind if sluts won't have sex with me.

Once an alpha male is sufficiently emboldened after witnessing my success and rise to fame, I shall simply hand the baton over to him.

The matriarchy is international and global. If anti-feminists want to win, we need a leader with the conviction to say what needs to be said. I offer myself as leader since charisma-free beta male victims of feminism like Mike Buchanan, leader of an anti-feminist political party with an impossibly long name, are clearly not up to the job.

If necessary, I am prepared to go to prison for the right to say what I believe is the truth and propagate my message. It will be interesting to see if the matriarchy will imprison me, won't it?
Obviously, I will do my best to avoid prison, but the matriarchy are known for changing the rules while the game is still in play - and call it the rule of law, no less!

They will change the rules just to get me because they hate what I say so much and can think of no answer to my questions other than to ignore me and refuse to answer my questions or deal with the points I raise.

Big me up till I get powerful enough to make them want to imprison me, and then see what happens. It is not for nothing that I say I am in the business of political provocation and entertainment. I do in fact want to get things done in my lifetime and am very impatient with the way others do not quite dare to say all that needs to be said or reach the obviously logical conclusions that I have, because they are uncomfortable with where this takes them.

Neither Trump nor Steve Bannon show any signs of declaring the Culture War against feminism. They prefer to see it as a Culture War against Conservatism and Liberalism, which just bores everyone silly, especially when no one really understands the principles of Conservatism or Liberalism anyway.

If we frame the Culture War in terms of Patriarchy v Matriarchy, then the arguments and battle lines  become much clearer. It also makes the probability of men winning against the degenerate and toxic ideology of feminism much higher. Whoever heard of women going to war against men and winning it?

I am not a politician, more a philosopher. Yes, I know what happened to Socrates. Will the matriarchy do the equivalent of making me drink hemlock? Will I drink it? You will have to wait and see!

You don't have to agree with me on everything, but you certainly have a duty to consider the truth, logic and morality of what I say, if you in any way aspire to be a reasoning and decent human being, I would suggest. I am always happy to answer your questions and deal with the issues you raise. I also know many of you are afraid to engage with me, just like the libtards you complain about, because you don't like where you think I am dragging you towards: to truth, reason, morality and last but not least, theocracy.

You can ask me questions at

No, I don't have a YouTube channel but am happy to appear on your show if you want. It is really better that what I say is in the form of a dialogue than just me with my talking head droning on about what I think would make the world a better place.

Claire Khaw's Class and Gender Theory of Western Decline 


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