Monday, 3 April 2017

There is only one logical religon left

What people forget is that Christianity is totalitarian because if you don't actually believe in the Trinity ie Christ is both God Himself and His Son, you are not Christian and if you are not Christian you won't be issued with a ticket to heaven. (But even if you do get to heaven, you may still be turned away at the gates by St Peter.)

Judaism and Islam dispense with all this nonsense and concentrate on following the principles found in their scripture which keep them on the straight and narrow.

If you do not believe in the Trinity then you are not even Christian.

Since most people do believe vaguely in the idea of a "something out there", it is not too much to ask them to believe in a supreme, omnipotent and morally perfect God. But to expect them to believe that Jesus is also God and His Son combined with the Holy Spirit requires a different order of unquestioning credulity and absurdity no longer possible to expect from people who are not longer prevented by law from denying the Trinity.

Judaism assumes that it is a privilege enough to have been born and to have lived as a Jew. Islam promises that every little deed of ours will be carefully recorded and taken into account on the Day of Reckoning with our good deeds weighed against the bad and our ultimate destination hanging in the balance.

Only Christianity makes belief in the absurdity of the Trinity an absolute requirement to be Christian without which there shall be no salvation. This explains why Christian fanatics are always proclaiming that Jesus is Lord and saying they are always talking to Jesus like he was their best mate.

In fact, they should not be pretending to be talking to either Jesus or his mother, whom Catholics rather blasphemously in my view call "Mother of God". Instead, what they should be doing is to think of God in the abstract and how He represents every single idea Man has ever conceived of and those that he is yet to conceive of in the future to come. These are the methods by which we can be assisted towards  contemplating God and infinity, or, as the Hindus would have it: Atman and Brahman. It is therefore childishly anthropomorphic and infantile to pretend God is a woman or a man we can chatter inanely to as if he or she were someone in our kitchen having a cup tea with us, which is the Christian idea. The Muslim idea of God is infinitely more sophisticated, since we are invited to contemplate an entity that is possibly merely an abstraction of abstractions or in fact the most powerful being in the entire universe.

If we are to have a religion, it seems that we are only left with one rational choice if we don't want to be Jews, don't want to pretend to believe in an absurdity, don't want to go through the charade of pretending we are praying to a woman or her son, in order to be part of the mainstream or else suffer ostracisation and discrimination in a Christian-majority country.

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