Monday, 10 April 2017

Trump and the Deep State

Imagine you were Trump and the Deep State threatened to kill you and all your family if you didn't obey its commands. What would you do?

A rational and moral answer in fact exists.

The correct answer is that you would have to dare them to do their worse rather than be known for the man who started WW3, surely?

Athens exhausted itself in war and so did Poland.

Every war is a gamble. Think of it as trading on margin, in which the losses can easily exceed your original stake.

The Europeans destroyed European hegemony fighting two World Wars, allowing the Americans to take over.

In historical terms, the Americans have the codes to the nuclear button is like giving them to manic-depressive delinquent adolescent with learning difficulties.

Old empires like China, Iran and Russia look on in horror while a US President informs the world that it was the sight of beautiful babies dying of an alleged chemical attack by Assad's forces was what made him launch the American missile attack without even consulting Congress.

Who was this line of reasoning meant to appeal to? Stupid sentimental women, of course, with no understanding of foreign policy, anxious only to display their compassion as an expression of their femininity of which stupidity, sentimentality and hypocrisy are the main ingredients.

What were the reasons again for the fratricidal Second Thirty Years War the Europeans engaged in? Apparently, they were about Belgian neutrality and saving the Jews from Hitler in a Christian Europe where casual anti-Semitism was the norm.

It would appear that the Europeans have not yet acknowledged what caused them to lose their hegemony before handing it on a platter to the Americans who began to behave like a little boy with a new toy gun, except that this new toy gun was the nuclear bomb.

The situation China, Iran and Russia are dealing with is akin to that of being locked in a room with a rabid dog. We too are in that room and those of us who are citizens of the West are like the fleas on this rabid dog.

When things go nuclear, we will not be dying a dignified death.

Reflect on this, please, before things get worse, and understand the reasons why I say even if the deep state had threatened to kill Trump and all his family, he should have stood firm against a deep state than suffer himself to go down in history as the American President who started WW3 after which democracy under indiscriminate universal suffrage became known as one of the greatest follies in human history.

When you think about it in the great scheme of things, democracy did not last that long in Ancient Athens or Republican Rome, did it? They were drops in the ocean of history.

What a shame there is no one in charge to be addressed on this matter. Even if I could drop in for tea at the White House, and even if Trump agreed with everything I have said, what could he do? He is not really in charge either.

Now, do you see why it is better to have someone who is really in charge whose name is public and whose role is clear?

In ancient China even the lowliest peasant had the right to appeal against oppression by the local officials. All he had to do was get to the emperor to make his case.

The Chinese Communist Party still keep this tradition going and I have read that peasants intent on making their complaints at Beijing have been prevented from boarding trains to Beijing by local officials.

We are worse off than this hypothetical Chinese peasant.

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