Friday, 26 May 2017

An asinine suggestion I received on Facebook

This was what I just received:

"At 6pm UK time tonight, let Facebook fall silent for 22 minutes. No posts, no status updates, no uploads. Just still and silent for the 22 victims lost."

All this wailing and ritual mourning only encourages our enemies. Do ISIS have minutes and days of mourning when they get killed? Of course not. They just carry on plotting the fall of the West. It seems our matriarchy prefers to give ISIS the pleasure of watching Western women wailing and Western men and politicians politicians deferring to them. We really are nauseatingly weak and stupid. It is not just them killing us and our children that gives them satisfaction, it is the effeminate way in which we respond that reinforces our stupidity and helplessness and the perception that we are indeed stupid and helpless, encouraging our enemies all the more.

We are like those coins arranged in a way that is about to fall in those amusement arcades in seaside towns, and ISIS are those who are impelled to put in more coins, in the hope of causing a cascade of coins. How much longer can we last, when we are so stupid and weak, with our weak and stupid government that always always prioritises the female preference to win votes?

Yesterday there was a discussion on The Today Programme about ritualised mourning with John Humphrys interviewing Anthony Lavane and Susie Orbach. There was just a hint that such displays did nothing for the national spirit or our national standing. I know exactly what my mother thinks about these ritualistic displays of grief and about Westerners and Western foreign policy when she is in Europe on holiday inconvenienced by yet another Day of Mourning. I shall not repeat them here.

Do listen to it and try to discover who makes the most sense: the man Clavane or the woman Orbach. Listen from 8:52 a part of which is transcribed at If you listen carefully you will discern from this exchange that it is the man Clavane who wants the ritual of grief to be standardised, while the woman Orbach says it should be whatever people spontaneously feel at the time, or words to that effect, illustrating again the capriciousness of women and their collective determination not to be bound by any rule or any principle.

What I know is that these rituals are hated by men because they are displays of grief, defeat and weakness. But what does our stinking degenerate matriarchy care about the male preference?

The preference of the stupid female who cares nothing about neocon foreign policy is the Queen of Liberal Democracy. It only makes us hate ourselves more for having such an incompetent government whose policies are enough to propitiate the stupidest of foreign policy ignorant, sentimental truth-denying voters. It will certainly radicalise more young men (and not all of them will be Muslims either), filled with self-loathing and disgust at their platitudinous matriarchy.

I like to think Labour will do better than expected because Corbyn has finally decided to point out the link between Muslim terrorism and the British government unquestioningly doing whatever the Americans tell them to do ie invade Iraq, invade Afghanistan, topple Gaddafi and Assad, and stand by for further orders.

Time to make the connection between the cause of neocon Western foreign policy and the effect of Muslim terrorism in the West.

Nothing is really obvious until it is pointed out again and again and again, is it, especially to voters with the memory of a goldfish coupled with the ignorance of pigs.

So well done, Jeremy Corbyn, for arriving at this corker of a campaigning message. You may get me to vote Labour yet.

Jeremy Corbyn to blame terrorist attacks such as Manchester bombing on UK foreign policy

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