Saturday, 13 May 2017

Beta male victims of feminism to withdraw their labour on 3 August 2017?

International Men's Strike Day - 3 August 2017

The first International Patriarchy Day is on 3 August 2015

Religion and the Nationalist Dilemma - the one party theocracy solution

Why men will never get back their country again as long as democratic politicians keep chasing the female vote

There are only two kinds of morality because there are only two sexes

What anti-feminist Erin Pizzey said about anti-feminist Claire Khaw. What will Iben Thranholm say?

Beta male victims of feminism have been metaphorically raped by feminism

Howard Dare on the parasitism, unsustainability, regressiveness and totalitarianism of matriarchy

Thoughts on masculinity and God after attending a debate on masculinity

If there is such a thing as toxic masculinity, then what is toxic femininity? 

Howard Dare on cucked Western Man, linking feminism to terrorism and immigration

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