Friday, 12 May 2017

Do British men deserve their national sovereignty if they are not prepared to fight for it?

'Tis ours, the dignity they give to grace
The first in valour, as the first in place;
That when with wondering eyes our confidential bands
Behold our deeds transcending our commands,
Such, they may cry, deserve the sovereign state,
Whom those that envy dare not imitate!

This is from Book 12 of Pope's translation of Homer's Iliad.

The ideas contained in it will be alien and unnerving to the average male Brexiteer who will find it hard to recognise a principle, let alone defend it. He will be even less willing to fight for it if it means any danger of inconvenience and expense.

Before too much longer, it will be banned by the stinking degenerate matriarchy, along with the Bible and the Koran because such books will have dangerous ideas of patriarchy toxic to our matriarchy. 

The degenerate, emasculated and effeminate man will only care about filling his boots before he is dead, seeking sexual pleasure wherever and with whoever he can eg women he is not married to, other men, animals, children and inanimate objects such as sexbots. He won't give a fig about posterity or about how he will be regarded by it. Abstract concepts such as morality, truth and principle are not his area of interest, because the degenerate when reduced to his bare degraded essentials is only a unit of consumption: fungible and dispensable. He certainly does not deserve to live in a sovereign state, so it is all for the best.

Back to you, EU! 

Why men will never get back their country again as long as democratic politicians keep chasing the female vote

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