Saturday, 20 May 2017

Egalitarianism is infantile and based on a polite fiction

Egalitarianism is infantile, but women tend to be sentimental and childish in many ways because it is nature's way of making them better equipped to look after children. Egalitarianism will always be found attractive by the majority of the people who would otherwise find themselves at the bottom of the heap. The twin pressure of the female and proletarian preference for egalitarianism would work to destroy your society if left unchecked, and their work is now almost complete.

The enemies of society are sluts and socialists, who walk hand in hand.

The stupid promiscuous woman and the hungry MCSF/SJW who are her running dogs will insist on her preference being prioritised with no thought for the long term national interest.

These are the gathering dark forces preparing to wreck Western civilisation, while senior politicians of the West remain in denial and heedless to these warnings.

There are not even elderly intellectuals prepared to discuss this. Roger Scruton the Conservative philosopher refuses to discuss feminism because he fears his wife who will soon be his nurse. As for the media, they were taken over by the feminazis a long long time ago.

The obscenity of sex education at 4 will soon be compulsory.

The purpose of this is to entrench the stinking matriarchy, which will continue to bribe and corrupt men until we and our descendants will be the co-equals of bonobo monkeys after becoming the Amalekites the Jews have a religious duty to exterminate.

Muslims would call the struggle by men against the promiscuous fornicating slut a form of Greater Jihad.

We know that the hopelessly corrupt Western political establishment won't touch this subject with a barge pole, not even those who protest against the current incumbents. Even Paul Craig Roberts refuses to consider the role of feminism in the moral corruption and sheer moronic stupidity and the unbelievable insouciance of political life in America and the West.

No one gets it and no one will discuss it.

E Michael Jones in Libido Dominandi says sexual freedom replaces political freedom.

Whoever controls sexual behaviour controls the state. And he who controls the mores of women controls sexual behaviour. That is the first lesson of sexual politics. He who understands that law understands why pornography and sex education and abortion and the government funding of contraceptives are all non-negotiable conditions for the current regime. Without them, they could not rule.

Feminism rode into town on the coat-tails of egalitarianism. If they are not already extinct or too elderly, perhaps men of the West capable of defending patriarchal moral values will have the sense and courage to have Feminism metaphorically tarred and feathered before running her out of town.

The Bostonians Paying the Excise-Man, 1774 British propaganda print that depicts the tarring and feathering of Boston Commissioner of Customs John Malcolm. This was the second time that Malcolm had been tarred and feathered.

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