Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Feminism and Islam

Complaining about Muslims is like complaining about the symptoms while refusing to cure the disease.

The disease is feminism.

If feminism is a cancer, it has already spread to all the major organs of state.

Western civilisation as we know it is already dying.

It is dying because Christianity has allowed the church to be rotted by feminism.

The only way to restore order and progress is to restore the patriarchy, but we are very far from even discussing this, let alone implementing it.

If Western civilisation can be saved, it won't be by Christianity.

If the patriarchy can is restored in the West, it won't consist of Christian patriarchs.

The revolution against the patriarchy is now almost complete as formerly successful and retired white men - some even aristocrats - are deprived of their free speech, accused of sexual misconduct, rounded up and treated like criminals eg Kelvin MacKenzie and Lord St Davids. Even Trump is completely cucked by Ivanka.

Western civilisation probably cannot be saved, but I want it on record that someone such as I saw it begin to collapse and did my best to advise and warn.

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