Thursday, 25 May 2017

Infantilised Beta Male Victims of Feminism (BMVOF) not doing it for themselves

Cassie Jaye asks these Beta Male Victims of Feminism to close their eyes like little children, and they do, willingly infantilising themselves to please her, giggling at all her weak jokes while she reads her speech. Nuff said. 

What would a Real Man - now extinct in the Western world - have done?

He would have put her in her place by asking her why she was talking to them like children.

So, this is the woman whose hand the beta male victims of feminism are eagerly and hungrily eating out of: Cassie Jaye - saviouress of white men - who made The Red Pill. How nauseating to watch grown men abase themselves before her because they think she is so sexy, pretty and young and reminds them of Mary Poppins. They are so grateful to her for condescending to help them and for making so many sacrifices on their behalves.

Look at these pathetic beta male victims of feminism laughing at her every joke and hanging on to her every word, ready to lick her feet like the pathetic self-abnegating dogs they are, hiding under her skirts and enjoying being exactly where they are.

While Muslim terrorists go on suicide missions, beta male victims of feminism in the West are too afraid to challenge feminism as men and men alone.

Men against feminism should tell women against feminism their views don't and won't matter because they can defeat the matriarchy without their support. but if they can't they deserve to lose

Make no mistake, the beta male victims of feminism in the West are so cucked they dare not complain and challenge feminism on their own, but rely on women like Erin Pizzey and Cassie Jaye to be their protectoresses.

Even now these men without masculine pride refuse to take my advice to refuse all the help of these women who condescend to help them, and doing it for themselves WITHOUT ANY WOMEN AT ALL IN THEIR MOVEMENT. Only when these men kick out all the women from MRA and say they will do it for themselves will they get some respect, but this concept is all but incomprehensible to them.

These BMVOF appear to think they can find for themselves in men's rights activism a woman just for them who wants some sort of talking pet prepared to perform the occasional sexual service and take out the rubbish when asked to do so, grateful for a roof over his head and food his belly as well as a special place for him in her bed.

It would appear that women in men's rights activism do so to enjoy being in a position to pity men and thereby elevate their own status in relation to men in general and perhaps over their own husbands. "Look at me helping men!" they might say to their husbands.  "This is my charity work, look at me virtue signal at the expense of your sex. Aren't I clever and virtuous compared to you and your sex? Aren't you and your sex weak, pathetic and pitiable? You better do as I say then."

There is probably a reason why Western women are clamouring for their governments to admit more Muslim migrants. They would rather copulate with migrants who are at least real men prepared to strive and take what they want, than be forced to mate with these milquetoast beta male victims of feminism who do not even have any masculinity to insult.

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