Monday, 22 May 2017

Men who deserve patriarchy

1. Men who want legitimate offspring

2. Men prepared to call for the abolition of no fault divorce

3. Men who are marriageable ie capable of attracting marriageable women

4. Men prepared to risk liberty and reputation to challenge and defeat the stinking matriarchy

What is the percentage of adult men prepared to do this?

Do you think this figure is over or under 50%?

Are Western men hopelessly cucked?

If they are really hopelessly cucked and not prepared to fight for this because they are so hopelessly cucked, then it means they don't deserve a patriarchy.

When their civilisation and cities fall to invaders who slay them and take their women, these contemptibly degenerate men will be exterminated and extinct, and the problem of men who do not deserve patriarchy will solve itself.


DRO said...

I think it would be well below 50%, Claire.

I wonder whether the feminazis and matriarchy supporters realise that throughout history, when the barbarians manage to break down the gates, women become booty.

CMM said...

Claire definitely holds some views that would be characterized as "extreme" by the mainstream, but she certainly challenges my worldview and forces me to ask myself difficult questions.

DCL said...

This is not only a very narrow, inflammatory and confrontational opinion, Claire, it's also unnecessary. I've never lived in either a total matriarchy or patriarchy, and I suspect very few have. A neither WILL totally rule for long, as history has shown, because the dynamic between the sexes, though different, are equal.

Claire Khaw said...

You think I am being unduly alarmist, do you?

You are probably right that by the time the shit hits the fan you will be long gone.