Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Professor James Allan to speak at Gold Coast in a men's issues conference in Gold Coast 11 June 2017?


I just have a feeling that Dr Augusto Zimmermann who is scheduled to speak will be so intimated by threats to his person and career that he will find an excuse not to turn up. If my prediction is correct, who should replace him? 

I think it should be Professor James Allan who has not already been invited. He is based in at the University of Queenland in Brisbane only an hour away by car, so this omission is a puzzle to me.


The first speaker, Professor James Allan, should perhaps consider a job as a stand up comedian in men's clubs. Do listen to and enjoy his hugely enjoyable jokes, especially the one about sacrificing virgins! Will Australian men be allowed their freedom of association to exclude women and allowed their men's clubs? Probably not, because I hear they are completely cucked now.  

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