Friday, 19 May 2017

Is rape culture a feminist conspiracy to discourage men from going to university?

Is this to make them even lower in status to the promiscuous woman?

This will make them angry, bitter, violent and criminal. 

Feminists will use this fact to call for ever more repressive measures against men, causing them to become even more angry, bitter, violent and criminal and so the vicious circle will continue, until the parasites overwhelm the host and resort to cannibalism ... 

Notice how no feminist will discuss any of these issues or answer any questions you might reasonably ask?

Well, they already control the media. Even the men are feminazi appointees and already castrated, especially BBC male presenters with girly haircuts and glasses on Sunday who call themselves Nicky.  

You can fight back risking your liberty, or let the acid bath of feminism wash all over you and everything you hold dear. 

Time for Western men to realise that the burden of proof in a rape case is for the accused to prove his innocence ie a negative and the standard of proof required for the prosecution to convict the accused of rape is no longer the criminal standard of proof ie beyond reasonable doubt.

Why don't male criminal lawyers say something about this? Because they are already cucked and afraid of their female colleagues in the legal profession falsely accusing them of rape, probably. In Britain, the Director of Public Prosecutions is female, so male lawyers practising in the field of criminal law dare not even be seen to be discussing ideas with someone who uses the word "feminazi" ie me. 
has my tweets to Luke Gittos. He has deleted all his tweets to me after blocking me, presumably for using the word "feminazi" in case any of his female colleagues report him to the Directrix of Public Prosecutions and ruin his career. 

Be afraid. Be very very afraid, not just for yourself, but for the future of your civilisation.

When men are so morally corrupt they let every principle slide for the sake of expediency because they no longer believe in God and no longer care to defend truth, logic and morality, you know your civilisation is fucked. Even the women know this intuitively. That is why they want migrant men to come to the West and prefer to be raped by them rather than breed with contemptible cucks who are so spineless they wouldn't know what a principle is, let alone what it is for, even when it comes up and kicks them in the place where their balls should be. 

A warning to men who are BMVOF*: things will get much worse very quickly if you continue to ignore the problem of feminism 

Our matriarchy does not care about BMVOF. Being a matriarchy, they will always prioritise the concerns of female voters whose support is crucial to winning any election.

The more men become BMVOF, the more feminists will use these men as evidence that men are inferior to women, and claim more privileges against men, creating even more BMVOF creating more evidence men are inferior to women, increasing the female demand for more privileges against men etc etc. Feminists don't care about male mental health. The more neurotic he is, the more vulnerable to feminine manipulation he is. Eventually the few men allowed to live will be drones for the purpose of mating with the queen and the only female allowed to mate is the queen. Male chicks and bulls are routinely destroyed, for obvious reasons.

Other than the few bulls needed for breeding, the vast majority of male cattle are slaughtered for meat before the age of three years, except where they are needed (castrated) as work oxen for haulage.

Points to bear in mind about the imperative of defeating feminism:

1. Men who want legitimate male offspring must campaign ruthlessly to abolish no fault divorce to clear the decks for themselves, or else be financially ruined by the rules of no fault divorce which will in addition deprive of them of access to their children by their malicious and vengeful ex-wives.

2. Men who want to defeat feminism must not put the cart of sexual access before the horse of re-establishing the patriarchy.

3. Men who want to defeat feminism must not put the cart of marriage before the horse of abolishing no fault divorce.

4. Men unprepared to defend marriage who do not send the vile baggage of feminism packing really do not deserve to have offspring.

5. A nation that has no senior and honourable men prepared to acknowledge the need to re-establish patriarchy through uncompromisingly supporting marriage does not deserve to survive.

6. A nation whose senior male politicians are too morally degenerate and intellectually dishonest they cannot acknowledge that marriage is the indispensable ingredient of patriarchy does not deserve to survive.

7. A nation in which no  respectable or honourable men of talent or political ambition can publicly acknowledge that marriage is the indispensable ingredient of patriarchy does not deserve to survive.

8. A nation in which no men of talent or political ambition can acknowledge that nationhood cannot exist without the indispensable ingredient of patriarchy does not deserve to survive.

9. A nation in which no men of talent, leadership or political ambition can be bestir themselves to challenge and defeat the matriarchy because they are atheists and do not care what happens to their country after they are dead does not deserve to survive.

*BMVOF - Beta Male Victims of Feminism

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