Friday, 12 May 2017

Thoughts on masculinity and God after attending a debate on masculinity

In a matriarchy, no man will be masculine or understand the real meaning of masculinity, because no man will understand that masculinity is not a masculine appearance or a masculine deportment, but a state of mind.

A masculine state of mind requires that men be prepared to defend patriarchal moral values and uncompromisingly support marriage as an institution.

Western Man will be incapable of defending any of the patriarchal moral values found in the Bible or discussing this subject rationally because he is now atheist and incapable of considering the long term national interest or thinking beyond what to do for the best beyond his own limited lifetime.

The Western male politician is in even a worse position, because he cannot even think beyond the next election, which is always less than five years away. And that this is why the West is going to hell in a handcart, because no Western journalist or politician will be seen to be publicly discussing this matter for fear of losing his job. This is hardly masculine, is it?

Denial is a feminine vice, and men who have been conquered by feminism take on the mindset of their conquerors.

A male virtue is dealing unflinchingly, rationally and honourably with the world and human nature as he finds it, without piteous cries inviting the pity of others whom he supplicates. The ideal male virtue encompasses the aristocratic virtue of magnanimity, nobility and noblesse oblige.

The degenerate, emasculated and effeminate man will only care about is filling his boots before he is dead. He won't give a fig about posterity or about how he will be regarded by it. Abstract concepts such as morality are not his area of interest, because the degenerate when reduced to his bare degraded essentials is only a unit of consumption, fungible and dispensable.

So there you have it: masculinity can only be preserved by a belief in God, the willingness to obey His laws by following and defending patriarchal moral principles as well as submitting to truth, logic and morality rather than indulging in feminine subjectivity, emotionalism, hysteria, irrationality and capriciousness.

What does patriarchy run on? It runs on marriage and the rules of behaviour required to respect this institution: the forbidding and punishing of extramarital sex.

Whether or not we believe in God, it is quite simply undeniable that God has been conscripted to protect the institution of marriage.  We have the benefit of God's guidance if we obey His laws against extramarital sex in 4:15, 4:16 and 24:2 of the Koran, or if we literally believe in God and allow Him to be the policeman in our minds. 

Western Man will now be having a fit of the vapours and calling for his smelling salts after reading this, for I have committed blasphemy against the matriarchy. Like the Queen of Hearts in Alice's Adventures, he will be joining the feminists who oppress him and calling for my head on a platter.

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