Sunday, 28 May 2017

White Sharia and the International Conference on Men's Issues in Gold Coast, Australia

Instead, the beta male victims of feminism want women to speak on their behalves and want women in their men's rights activism.


To eradicate feminism first declare war on it.

I propose abolishing no fault divorce and repealing anti-discrimination legislation as well as the shaming of the immoral and promiscuous woman, especially if she has bastard offspring.

All I have to do at the moment is propose this to the beta male victims of feminism about to have their men's issues conference in Gold Coast, Australia in June 2017 and watch them throw up their hands in horror. When they reject this proposal, I mock them mercilessly until they cry for their mum, and then I will mock their mums.

International Conference on Men's Issues in June 2017

Beta Male leader of A Voice for Men , Paul Elam, who refuses to support marriage and has blocked me on Twitter

We oppose all state authority over or interference in the private lives of consenting adults engaged in any form of sexual or romantic relationship.

These beta male victims of feminism are not prepared to shame sluts and refuse to discuss the subject at all. This is because they are overwhelminlgy MCSFs.

White Nationalist discusses White Sharia

Roosh on the female vote and the Manchester suicide bomber

Ann Coulter: my favourite White Nationalist, saying she is prepared to give up her right to vote to save White America

British nationalists discuss white sharia, but with clear reservations about its implications. I am sure I can help them iron out any difficulties and misconceptions. From the 15th minute

It would get the message through that nobody cares about the beta male victims of feminism except their mums and their mums should be ashamed of themselves for having sons who are losers.

Paul Elam and Mike Buchanan have blocked me on Twitter. They know exactly what I think of him and the other pathetic contemptible beta male losers who want women at their conference because they want their mummy or women who look like their mummy to be there to hold their hand. 

White nationalists are finally getting it that feminism is the cock blocker of nationalism.

White Sharia (which must have come from my idea of Secular Koranism which I conceived of to help British people with mental health problems) is now being discussed by nationalist YouTubers.

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