Friday, 5 May 2017

Why feminism is against the national interest

Feminism affects

1) the birth rate

2) whether men and women marry before having children

3) the burden on businesses and the economy because they have to pay for maternity leave to even unmarried women, making British labour uncompetitive

4) whether husbands and wives stay together to bring up their children together and therefore the quality of the next generation

5) whether the elderly are cared for

6) whether voters care about Western foreign policy which is becoming increasingly immoral, heedless of the national interest and hubristic

The national character is linked to the average age. The average age of the West is now 40. The older we become, the more set in our ways and the more risk-averse we become.

Feminism has everything to do with the national interest which it is every politician's duty to consider because it influences our decisions on sex, marriage and how we bring up our children.

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