Thursday, 22 June 2017

Why marriage is eugenic

Imagine, if you will, two groups taken from the same race and nation. Both are the best available in terms of intellect, beauty, health and moral virtue.

They are randomly divided into two groups with equal numbers of men and women in each group.

Group A practices marriage and is a patriarchy.

Group B practices sexual liberation and is a matriarchy.

Let them develop on their own for 300 years.

After 300 years let them fight a war.

Who is going to win?

On measuring racial superiority

There is only one objective way of measuring racial superiority and it is in terms of how much territory one race with a common language, culture, religion and government controls through military superiority, and for how long.

It really is as simple as that.

I believe the most racist of racists would acknowledge that one does not become effortlessly superior to other races just by pointing to the colour of one's skin, one must back it up with overwhelming force.

If the white race has acquired military and global supremacy, something in the nature of white culture must have produced this.

This culture and knowledge must have come from its laws, its laws must come from its history and government, its government must have come from its politics, its politics must have come from its religion, and it is our religion that guides our morality, law, politics and government.

Our civilisation flourishes when our government is good, and stagnates and declines if we have bad leaders and bad government.

If we have bad leaders, we must analyse the failures of their selection. The pool of political talent in Britain is infamously small and shallow. This is so because of its defective education system, its divisive class system, its snobbery topped with complacency, chauvinism, the operation of democracy that submits to feminism as well as the defects of the British religion. For the avoidance of doubt, the British religion is not Christianity, a religion more honoured in the breach than in its observance. The British religion is feminism, the deity the British worship is the slut and the sacrament they practice to honour this deity is fornication.

Jews are a superior to the White Anglo Saxon Protestant (WASP) simply because they as a tribe control who becomes the US Presidential candidate in the world's most militarily powerful nation through the Israel lobby. This is because the divisiveness and vulnerabilities of the Western political system allows them to do so.

Why are these vulnerabilities not patched?

Because our intellectuals, politicians and media are weak and corrupt for they prioritise perpetuating their practice of voters voting every five years for different political parties even as this system has demonstrably produced increasingly poor and corruptible politicians as well as bad to worse governments.

The media are not interested in discussing this or allowing me a platform on which to discuss this. They are mostly taken over by feminists and their running dogs and they certainly do not want to help me challenge the matriarchy or even do their job ie report news that is newsworthy, if it goes against the position they have taken. According to them, I should not even exist, and if they ignore me long enough, I will get tired, go away and one day die. Denial is a feminine vice.

The fact is that nobody is interested in truth, logic or morality, not even those who complain about their government.

Those who might have an interest in allowing these matters to be discussed ie nationalist YouTubers see me as a rival and do not particularly want to do anything that could possibly help me or allow me to share the limelight. Besides, they find many of my ideas uncomfortable and disturbing and would rather not discuss them at all.

They probably resent being told these things by a female, foreigner and a non-white.

I note however that white sharia has become a meme.

The Jews and the Chinese

They have a few things in common. The Chinese are called the Jews of Asia and in Indonesia there have been anti-Chinese pogroms just as the Jews have suffered pogroms in Europe.

One of the most interesting aspect of anti-Chinese feeling in the Far East is the different legal status of the Chinese in Indonesia and Malaysia respectively.

Anti-Chinese pogroms are more frequent in Indonesia though they have been known to happen in Malaysia too, but officially the Chinese and the indigenous Muslim Indonesian have parity of status. We must remember that Indonesia is also an empire and this necessarily means having a dominant culture, the quelling rebellions from time to time and basically kicking minorities around for the purpose of imposing and retaining imperial hegemony.

In Malaysia, the bumiputra - the indigenous Malay Muslim, translated as the Prince of the Land - has privileges that the other races are not entitled to in terms of university places, employment quotas etc.

On this matter my family are divided. My father says this is obviously unfair. My mother however says it is imperative that the Malays keep their privileges because if they don't, they won't be able to compete with the other races and will for this reason get angry and then have their anti-Chinese pogroms.

Does this mean the Malays have racial superiority? I would suggest not.

I know the BNP would love indigenous whites to have racial privileges over non-whites, but does this mean they are racially superior? I would suggest not.

But then this is not a question of who is racially superior but what is fair, practicable and conducive to national harmony.

What is a racist?

It seems this means anyone who proposes any policy that discriminates on grounds of race, but it is certainly arguable that in certain circumstances it can be fair to do so, and even conducive to national harmony.

If I were to say that the Jews are a superior race, does that mean I am racist? I am not a Jewess, but I like to think I am in thinking like one. I have said before that Judaism is like an exclusive golf club while Islam is more akin to a political party in a single party state. It is certainly possible to be both a member of an exclusive club as well as a member of a political party in a single party state and I like to think I am capable of both.

Why are the Chinese considered the Jews of Asia? Probably because we are thought to be good with money and too clever by half, with an impenetrable language operating by the rules of patriarchy with many rituals and traditions.

Why might I say the Jews are a superior race to the Chinese?

Because the strength of the Jewish tribe comes from adherence to their traditions, which may in time triumph over the numbers of the Chinese, especially if they lose their traditions, which I feel bound to say they have.

The Jews have also been around even longer than the Chinese who are also well known to have been around for quite a while, hence all those Jewish jokes about what the Jews did before there was any Chinese food.

A message to David Irving urging him to give us a Reith Lecture

Dear David

I trust you are well and enjoying the fine weather.

I don't know if you have heard Hilary Mantel giving the Reith Lectures and if you have, I wonder what you thought of them. They didn't seem to be saying anything much to me so far other than commenting on the difficulty of getting at the truth and being criticised as a historian if one's readers do not quite agree with one's version of history or facts.

If it were me, I thought to myself, I would be talking about the professional hazards of being a historian. It is not enough just to be a good story teller with a reputation for soundness in the matter of historical research, one must contend with the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune in a sea of troubles.

Having recently seen Richard III, it seems that Richard could easily have been unfairly demonised for Tudor purposes, and was perhaps the Hitler of Tudor times.

It seems from that the practice of factionalised history is not really new. The categories of historiography mentioned are helpful and interesting, are they not?

While it is seems unfortunately the case that it is unlikely that you will be invited by the BBC to give a Reith Lecture or given a knighthood, I am sure your admirers would very much appreciate it if you could give us a Reith Lecture!

With kind regards

Claire Khaw

21 June 2017

Replacing Holocaust Denial as a Concept

Talk by David Irving in London - 19 September 2009

A rapprochment between British Nationalism and Libertarianism?

David Irving talk on 25 February 2012

A rabbi understands free speech, while the Atheist Humanist Society do not

David Irving, make a TV documentary on Nazism and become Lord Irving of Nazism!

Whom would I choose if both David Irving and Peter Mandelson proposed to me?

British establishment more invested in the idea of punishing David Irving than Zionist Jews

Is coming to a reasonable interpretation of the Wannsee Protocol "Holocaust Denial"?

How free is speech in the West when you can be imprisoned for saying the wrong number?

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

A matter of breeding and culture

Culture is downstream of politics.

Politics is downstream of law.

Law is downstream of morality.

Morality is downstream of religion and/or politics.

I have Australian correspondents who solemnly assure me every time the subject comes up that Australian feminists are much much nastier than feminists in other parts of the Anglosphere. It is rather like Northerners in England telling Southerners in England like me that their Muslims are much much nastier than the Muslims found in the South.

I think the problem is a matter of breeding. Australia is a nation of convicts, therefore you would expect the men to have less moral fibre than men of other nations that did not have their origins as a penal colony.

Americans are descended from pioneers, settlers and colonisers and there is more fight from them against the stinking matriarchy than in Australia, it would appear.

But even then the Americans are still terribly pussywhipped.

As for the French, well, I invite you to consider what Zhou Enlai answered when he was asked in the 1970s if the French Revolution was a good thing. He said it was too early to tell.

I trust after the 2017 French Presidential elections that we now have enough information to come to a conclusion.

My advice to white people

Even if the (((Juice))) are regularly offering cups of poison to the gentile, why does the gentile feel obliged to drink it?

Because Christianity is kaput, of course. Because white gentiles no longer have a religion promoting social conservatism to maintain their morals, they will be easily tempted and tricked.

As G K Chesterton said, "When a man stops believing in God he doesn’t then believe in nothing, he believes anything."

Feminism is parasitical on feminism, and feminism is parasitical on sexual liberation. The entire West is hooked on the idea sexual liberation and voting in general elections. Sexual liberation has distracted these benighted people from noticing that every time they vote, their government gets worse and makes them more stupid with their degenerate policies. This has resulted in a burgeoning idiocracy that cannot be reasoned with and which can only be subdued by threats and bribes.

Whether they like it or not, I consider white people my people because I have lived amongst them so long. They have been so kind and welcoming - yes, even white nationalists with only a few exceptions have been lovely to me! - that I do feel like one of them and for this reason feel a genuine sense alarm and concern for them in the difficult times ahead.

I will try to nurse them back to health and if this is not possible, stay with them to the very end, holding their hand while saying soothing things as they ramble incoherently in the throes of their dementia.

Because I care about white people, I will again warn them. My dear late grandmother was always criticising me and said when I looked displeased that she only criticised me because she cared about me. She said that if she didn't care about me, she would let me do exactly what I liked and then laugh at me behind my back. It is on this basis that I criticise white people: out of affection and concern for them, to the extent of forgiving even the nastier ones, especially the ones who tell me to sling my hook and go back to where I came from.

What I want to say to them is this: their pale skin is not enough to unite them. Something more is required: a religion that is not a return to the worship of Nordic gods.

We all know that white people hate each other and fight and kill each other, don't we?

Let us not forget that however badly white people have behaved towards other races, they have been spectacularly nasty to each other eg burning each other as heretics over the nature of the Trinity, for translating the Bible into English, beheading each over whether their church should Brexit from Globalist Catholicism etc.

Let us not forget it was white people - Christians no less! - who waged to the European Wars of Religion and two fratricidal World Wars against each other.

We know how Athens destroyed itself in war against Sparta, and all because Athens didn't like the way the Spartans governed themselves!

I am reminded of a story of a Spartan taunting an Athenian by daring him to run his own family as a democracy. The Athenian was silenced.

How long has democracy lasted the last time we had it? Not very long was it? Athens was a democracy for under 100 years. Imperial Rome existed for a much longer time than Republican Rome.

Let me say again that I am not a democrat. If I am a democrat at all, I would want a taxpayer only democracy in a one party theocracy.

I now come to my pet idea: a one party theocracy governed on the principles of Secular Koranism. Jews, Christians, atheists and agnostics who see the point of social conservatism should all support this.

Secular Koranism is for social conservatives of all religions and races and guarantees freedom of belief for all with 2:256. The beauty of it is that it will allow Jews and Christian to be better Jews and Christians because they will be living a culture of social conservatism that won't treat them like freaks and objects of scorn for adhering to Biblical concepts that promote sexual continence.

Currently, Jews and Christians who publicly adhere to Biblical principles are mocked, bullied and hounded from office like poor little Tim Farron.

The penny will soon drop that the only way men can get their country back is to reject the current political system of indiscriminate universal franchise.

The penny has dropped that it is the women who prefer security over liberty, and in liberal democracies the female preference is always prioritised. We know what they say about people who choose security over liberty, don't we, boys and girls? It is said that they deserve neither.

We live in a matriarchy. The status quo is therefore a matriarchy. Women will want to cling to the privileges they have acquired over so many decades of men being distracted by accepting so many bribes of sex from so many different fornicating sluts until marriage as an institution has now been utterly desecrated.

Without marriage there can be no patriarchy.

Without patriarchy there can be no men in sufficient numbers capable of defending the national interest.

Now that men have come to their senses, they can finally do something about it and establish an Iranian-style one party theocracy as they shoo over-promoted female mediocrities such as Theresa May out of public life and overthrow the degenerate matriarchy.

  From 5th minute about why UK leaders are such fucking crap.
That is why the British must ask the Chinese and Iranians for advice and assistance on how to help them establish their one party theocracy. They would be flattered, gratified and delighted to help, I am sure.


Everyone is guarded and protected on all sides by the order of God. God does not change the condition of a nation unless it changes what is in its heart. When God wants to punish a people, there is no way to escape from it and no one besides God will protect them from it.

What is in the hearts of Western men? The desire to fornicate freely that they have now come to regard as their human right. The Koran will give them an alternative non-libtard set of human rights.

UK in crisis?

Busy week for CrossTalk: later today we recording a program on the topic “UK in crisis?” Airs Wednesday. Thursday evening we return to the Syrian saga – airs Friday.
Rodrigo Ortiz Salema
Rodrigo Ortiz Salema Thank you very much! I will watch!
Gerald Robinson
Gerald Robinson UkColumn give good reports on Britain in crises Peter.
Claire Khaw
Claire Khaw UK Column doesn't get it about the matriarchy, do they?
Claire Khaw
Claire Khaw Is Brian Gerrish still going on about Common Purpose?
Claire Khaw
Claire Khaw Government throwing money at potential rioters. Theresa May probably wishes she had approved of Boris Johnson's water cannons now, which she spitefully spiked. Sick and tired of the feminine incompetence of the matriarchy but resigned to the fact that things must get worse before they get better so future historians will know who and what to blame.
Danny Lee Halfhide
Danny Lee Halfhide The resentment/animosity is growing tenfold against missus mayhem with each passing day
Tony Foley
Tony Foley 100 years ago in a far off land - the poor were treated like dogs while the rich lived the life of opulent greed - starvation and death were rampant - money spent on a war that should have been spent on the poorest in society - incompetent leadership - boy! this sounds familiar!
Claire Khaw
Claire Khaw Britain is a degenerate matriarchy.

What is a matriarchy?

It is government by those who believe in being sexually liberated from the constraints of marriage and parenting.

Being governed by immoral women and their running dogs will result in the end of the rule of law, producing the chaos, corruption and civilisational ruin that we all fear.

The Bhagavad Gita: "Out of the corruption of women proceeds the corruption of races; out of the corruption of races, the loss of memory; out of the loss of memory, the loss of understanding, and out of this all evil."

As long as we know what to expect next.
Ryan Lockwood
Ryan Lockwood Corbyn or May, it makes no difference - Both are Globalists.
Claire Khaw
Claire Khaw We actually need to change our political system. Perhaps Putin can be persuaded to return Russia to a one party state and adopt the Chinese system.

Paul Craig Roberts puts it very well.

"The fact that Russia’s national sovereignty depends so much on Putin’s leadership makes Russia the most vulnerable to Washington’s intrigue. Putin can be removed by assassination. But China’s leadership cannot, because it is collective. There is democracy within the ruling Chinese political party. "
THE COLLAPSE OF FRANCE Paul Craig Roberts The brainwashed and insouciant French electorate has voted to abolish the French nation. In five years France wil
Ryan Lockwood
Ryan Lockwood Claire Khaw Returning to the days of the USSR and furthermore subscribing to a one party state sets a very dangerous precedent.
Claire Khaw
Claire Khaw The Chinese seem OK with it.
Ryan Lockwood
Ryan Lockwood I'll leave you with a fairly unknown but to the point quote from mr Putin Himself "Anyone who does not miss the USSR has no heart ,but whoever wants it back has no brains"
Claire Khaw
Claire Khaw Remember, Ancient Athens was a no-party state and so was Ancient Rome.
Claire Khaw
Claire Khaw Ryan Lockwood China is not the USSR, is it?
Claire Khaw
Claire Khaw A one party state is also Koranically approved. This is what the Iranians have too.
, an annotated linguistic resource for the Holy…
Ryan Lockwood
Ryan Lockwood China is still Communist. As for Rome and Ancient Athens, look what happened to their respective civilizations - Destroyed under the weight of their Systems of governance's which were ultimately flawed to begin with.
Ryan Lockwood
Ryan Lockwood In any case if thats what you believe then fine I respect your opinion, but remember that quote by Mr Putin and think about it very carefully .
Ryan Lockwood
Ryan Lockwood "Anyone who does not miss the USSR has no heart ,but whoever wants it back has no brains"
Claire Khaw
Claire Khaw Ryan Lockwood What makes you say China is still Communist? Are you really saying China has not changed since Deng Xiaoping?
Claire Khaw
Claire Khaw Athens and Rome fell because they broke their own own rules. Have you noticed those who claim to represent Western liberalism ignoring the principles of liberalism?
Claire Khaw
Claire Khaw Why do you keep insisting I want the old USSR back? You seem incapable of grasping the points I am trying to make. There is no reason to assume that a one party state would be a totalitarian state if the constitution guarantees the rights of its citizens and people are eternally vigilant.
The Quran translated into many languages in a simple and easy interface.
Claire Khaw
Claire Khaw The Romans were a people who hated kings but started worshiping their emperors, remember?
Claire Khaw
Claire Khaw The Athenians were supposed to worship Athena the Goddess of Wisdom and War. They must have been worshiping her incorrectly, or they would not have ruined themselves fighting unwise wars with Sparta.

"Right, as the world goes, is only in question betw
een equals in power, while the strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must."

Perhaps the Athenians were unwise to have thought and said that to the Delians.
to the year 411 BC. Thucydides has been dubbed the father of "scientific history" by those who…
Claire Khaw