Friday, 16 June 2017


This will not be allowed to happen by the powers that be. The theory that Theresa May was bribed by the Deep State to take a dive in order to sabotage Brexit should be discussed in the “right-wing press” if indeed such a thing were allowed to exist in our totalitarian state. It is not.

As all who have taken an intelligent interest in Western politics must already know, the Western media is controlled by the CIA and the US Deep State.

It was really Trump who gave Britain and France the permission to Brexit and Frexit, but the US Deep State has been thwarting his every move and even induced him to fire missiles at Syria and other war crimes. As we can see, Trump has had balls cut off and his every move blocked, presumably as a warning to any other US billionaires thinking of running for President in the future.

While we do not know if Theresa May really was instructed to shoot herself in the foot and then the mouth ie call an election when she already had a healthy majority in order to lose it by announcing unpopular policies, how she lives after she quits politics will be indicative of whether she sabotaged Brexit intentionally. Perhaps it was her advisers who were guilty of malign encouragement, or perhaps it was all just a series of unfortunate events caused by her incompetence as a Prime Minister, a role to which she as another female mediocrity would have been routinely over-promoted as a matter of course in our degenerate matriarchy.

Had I been Prime Minister, I would have invited Marine Le Pen to lunch, dinner and asked her to stay for breakfast at Downing Street as well as promising the French troops to quell any anti-Frexit feeling post Frexit. I would also be promising to do the same for the leaders of AfD for German elections in September. Had I been Prime Minister, I would have declared a state of emergency and martial law after repealing the European Communities Act 1972 and declared a National Government with elections to be held with a significantly narrowed franchise of taxpayers only, after things have calmed down and the social parasites disenfranchised. The low-waged would be relieved of the burden of paying taxes and voting. While these measures may sound a little alarming to some, it is really the only way of getting the thing done.

The Americans would then bomb us but we would defy and denounce them until they feel so ashamed of themselves they return to their own continent with their tail between their legs. It will be through fighting our National War of Independence that our 21st century British national identity will be forged in the furnace of iron and blood!

Why does the US Deep State want Britain in the EU? To suit its administrative convenience. It prefers to deal with all its vassal states as a bloc than individually, just as you might call a meeting at work to tell employees what the new regime is, rather than speak to each individually. It is also easier to get key members of the EU appointed than to rig elections.

The election of Trump and the cutting off of his balls is a very clear message to the discerning voter that the will of the people – socially conservative, nationalist and hungering for their nations to be rationally governed by men they admire and trust rather than the cucks and female mediocrities we have to put up with – will forever be thwarted as long as the US Deep State has breath in its body.

Who are the foot soldiers and cannon fodder of the US Deep State? Voters, of course, voting for parties with policies destructive to their the national interest, or MPs pressured into voting for policies injurious to the national interest such as yet more neocon wars, gay marriage, more military spending to bomb and murder who the Americans tell us to bomb and murder. Voters, especially female voters, are supremely indifferent and ignorant of foreign policy while having every wish to stay this way because of its complexity and the sleep-losing nature of our dishonourable foreign policy which clearly provokes Muslim terrorism which mainstream media are forbidden from discussing.

[This c 500 word essay is part of my application to be the Parliamentary Assistant of Philip Davies MP. I have one previous application to be an MP's secretary and believe I would have been successful if I was prepared to take a pay cut. That MP was Simon Hughes. I remember being impressed by his grasp of detail at my interview.]

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