Wednesday, 21 June 2017

My advice to white people

Even if the (((Juice))) are regularly offering cups of poison to the gentile, why does the gentile feel obliged to drink it?

Because Christianity is kaput, of course. Because white gentiles no longer have a religion promoting social conservatism to maintain their morals, they will be easily tempted and tricked.

As G K Chesterton said, "When a man stops believing in God he doesn’t then believe in nothing, he believes anything."

Feminism is parasitical on feminism, and feminism is parasitical on sexual liberation. The entire West is hooked on the idea sexual liberation and voting in general elections. Sexual liberation has distracted these benighted people from noticing that every time they vote, their government gets worse and makes them more stupid with their degenerate policies. This has resulted in a burgeoning idiocracy that cannot be reasoned with and which can only be subdued by threats and bribes.

Whether they like it or not, I consider white people my people because I have lived amongst them so long. They have been so kind and welcoming - yes, even white nationalists with only a few exceptions have been lovely to me! - that I do feel like one of them and for this reason feel a genuine sense alarm and concern for them in the difficult times ahead.

I will try to nurse them back to health and if this is not possible, stay with them to the very end, holding their hand while saying soothing things as they ramble incoherently in the throes of their dementia.

Because I care about white people, I will again warn them. My dear late grandmother was always criticising me and said when I looked displeased that she only criticised me because she cared about me. She said that if she didn't care about me, she would let me do exactly what I liked and then laugh at me behind my back. It is on this basis that I criticise white people: out of affection and concern for them, to the extent of forgiving even the nastier ones, especially the ones who tell me to sling my hook and go back to where I came from.

What I want to say to them is this: their pale skin is not enough to unite them. Something more is required: a religion that is not a return to the worship of Nordic gods.

We all know that white people hate each other and fight and kill each other, don't we?

Let us not forget that however badly white people have behaved towards other races, they have been spectacularly nasty to each other eg burning each other as heretics over the nature of the Trinity, for translating the Bible into English, beheading each over whether their church should Brexit from Globalist Catholicism etc.

Let us not forget it was white people - Christians no less! - who waged to the European Wars of Religion and two fratricidal World Wars against each other.

We know how Athens destroyed itself in war against Sparta, and all because Athens didn't like the way the Spartans governed themselves!

I am reminded of a story of a Spartan taunting an Athenian by daring him to run his own family as a democracy. The Athenian was silenced.

How long has democracy lasted the last time we had it? Not very long was it? Athens was a democracy for under 100 years. Imperial Rome existed for a much longer time than Republican Rome.

Let me say again that I am not a democrat. If I am a democrat at all, I would want a taxpayer only democracy in a one party theocracy.

I now come to my pet idea: a one party theocracy governed on the principles of Secular Koranism. Jews, Christians, atheists and agnostics who see the point of social conservatism should all support this.

Secular Koranism is for social conservatives of all religions and races and guarantees freedom of belief for all with 2:256. The beauty of it is that it will allow Jews and Christian to be better Jews and Christians because they will be living a culture of social conservatism that won't treat them like freaks and objects of scorn for adhering to Biblical concepts that promote sexual continence.

Currently, Jews and Christians who publicly adhere to Biblical principles are mocked, bullied and hounded from office like poor little Tim Farron.

The penny will soon drop that the only way men can get their country back is to reject the current political system of indiscriminate universal franchise.

The penny has dropped that it is the women who prefer security over liberty, and in liberal democracies the female preference is always prioritised. We know what they say about people who choose security over liberty, don't we, boys and girls? It is said that they deserve neither.

We live in a matriarchy. The status quo is therefore a matriarchy. Women will want to cling to the privileges they have acquired over so many decades of men being distracted by accepting so many bribes of sex from so many different fornicating sluts until marriage as an institution has now been utterly desecrated.

Without marriage there can be no patriarchy.

Without patriarchy there can be no men in sufficient numbers capable of defending the national interest.

Now that men have come to their senses, they can finally do something about it and establish an Iranian-style one party theocracy as they shoo over-promoted female mediocrities such as Theresa May out of public life and overthrow the degenerate matriarchy.

  From 5th minute about why UK leaders are such fucking crap.
That is why the British must ask the Chinese and Iranians for advice and assistance on how to help them establish their one party theocracy. They would be flattered, gratified and delighted to help, I am sure.


Everyone is guarded and protected on all sides by the order of God. God does not change the condition of a nation unless it changes what is in its heart. When God wants to punish a people, there is no way to escape from it and no one besides God will protect them from it.

What is in the hearts of Western men? The desire to fornicate freely that they have now come to regard as their human right. The Koran will give them an alternative non-libtard set of human rights.

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