Monday, 5 June 2017

My undiscussed ideas

What have I got to offer the British public? I would say a few ideas on how to deal with their problems. Most disappointing is the number of nationalists who have agreed in principle to discuss the issues with me on their channel and then made excuses about being far too busy until some indefinite time in the future.

What is exasperating is that what they have said on YouTube is the same old same old, while what I hoped to be discussing with them is definitely new, radical and really quite distinctive and detailed.

I have an idea that they dislike my suggestions about challenging feminism. It is after all like a sacred cow to them even though they are beginning to say what I have been saying about feminism for years now and even using the same terminology.

Even those disposed to challenge feminism are very tentative in their criticism. One says that the problem of feminism is fading and will solve itself soon, and I have challenged this. Sadly, he is apparently not interested in discussing this subject at the moment.

Another says the solution to liberalism is to cultivate a form of spirituality to do with communing with nature. This is not enough, of course, but he shows no signs of discussing the problem of a new ideology of nationalism with me either.

Today I have discovered - or was it rediscovered? - that Steve Hilton who has a new show on Fox News Channel has blocked me on Twitter. I guess I won't be appearing on his show either.

If there were nationalists who pride themselves on being intellectually honest, they should be able to discuss and challenge my ideas. If they cannot successfully challenge my ideas, then I must be right and they should listen to me more.

Perhaps it is this prospect that fills them with horror and dread, and is the reason for their avoidant behaviour.

My subject is feminism and YouTuber Black Pigeon Speaks has the best analysis of this toxic ideology, in my view. The next step must surely be to solve the problem of female voters voting for more feminism to solve the problem of feminism.

I suppose I should not be too surprised that white male nationalists do not want to discuss the problem of the white race with me of all people. This would be fair enough if anyone else were talking about the things I am talking about, but this is not the case at all.

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