Monday, 19 June 2017

Nationalism and Islam

If you are going to worship a deity, you might as well worship the most powerful one. The most powerful deity remains the Abrahamic God, which explains the success of the civilisations of His adherents. There was never really much of a Buddhist empire, was there? The Chinese just incorporated Buddhism into Chinese culture, but Buddhism did not really have much to say about statecraft and was really only a religion about giving the believer inner peace. Hinduism remains very much a religion for people in India, and that is it. Judaism is really a tribal religion for the Jews and it would not be profitable for gentiles to go down that path because it is too high-maintenance to be an Orthodox Jew, the only kind of Jew worth being. Christianity is now cucked and kaput.

All civilised societies need the protection of social conservatism to keep them civilised and to continue their civilisation by producing legitimate children. Even in this day and age, marriage is the only way of producing legitimate children. If you do not care about such niceties of civilised life, then you and your compatriots will find yourself living a less civilised life. The moment you stop observing the rules of marriage, you will suffer decline, possibly irreversible decline. Christianity has failed the West, because it is a flawed religion that had to be separated from the state. Because it had to be separated from the state, the state was in a position to impose its liberal values on it when the state embraced sexual liberation and gay marriage.

This explains why even the Catholic Church has now been liberalised: because the Vatican City is only a little island in an ocean of liberalism. The Koran is the only reliable source of social conservatism left in the West, and only it contains big enough ideas to overthrow the matriarchy. Before you accuse me of being Muslim, I will say I am not. I am but a social and political commentator reading the writing on the wall, and it seems to be written in Classical Arabic ....

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