Thursday, 22 June 2017

On measuring racial superiority

There is only one objective way of measuring racial superiority and it is in terms of how much territory one race with a common language, culture, religion and government controls through military superiority, and for how long.

It really is as simple as that.

I believe the most racist of racists would acknowledge that one does not become effortlessly superior to other races just by pointing to the colour of one's skin, one must back it up with overwhelming force.

If the white race has acquired military and global supremacy, something in the nature of white culture must have produced this.

This culture and knowledge must have come from its laws, its laws must come from its history and government, its government must have come from its politics, its politics must have come from its religion, and it is our religion that guides our morality, law, politics and government.

Our civilisation flourishes when our government is good, and stagnates and declines if we have bad leaders and bad government.

If we have bad leaders, we must analyse the failures of their selection. The pool of political talent in Britain is infamously small and shallow. This is so because of its defective education system, its divisive class system, its snobbery topped with complacency, chauvinism, the operation of democracy that submits to feminism as well as the defects of the British religion. For the avoidance of doubt, the British religion is not Christianity, a religion more honoured in the breach than in its observance. The British religion is feminism, the deity the British worship is the slut and the sacrament they practice to honour this deity is fornication.

Jews are superior to the White Anglo Saxon Protestant (WASP) simply because they as a tribe control who becomes the US Presidential candidate in the world's most militarily powerful nation through the Israel lobby. This is because the divisiveness and vulnerabilities of the Western political system allows them to do so.

Why are these vulnerabilities not patched?

Because our intellectuals, politicians and media are weak and corrupt for they prioritise perpetuating their practice of voters voting every five years for different political parties even as this system has demonstrably produced increasingly poor and corruptible politicians as well as bad to worse governments.

The media are not interested in discussing this or allowing me a platform on which to discuss this. They are mostly taken over by feminists and their running dogs and they certainly do not want to help me challenge the matriarchy or even do their job ie report news that is newsworthy, if it goes against the position they have taken. According to them, I should not even exist, and if they ignore me long enough, I will get tired, go away and one day die. Denial is a feminine vice.

The fact is that nobody is interested in truth, logic or morality, not even those who complain about their government.

Those who might have an interest in allowing these matters to be discussed ie nationalist YouTubers see me as a rival and do not particularly want to do anything that could possibly help me or allow me to share the limelight. Besides, they find many of my ideas uncomfortable and disturbing and would rather not discuss them at all.

They probably resent being told these things by a female, foreigner and a non-white.

I note however that white sharia has become a meme.

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