Friday, 16 June 2017

Political Correctness

Political Correctness is an euphemism for political censorship, which is nothing new. In every age there are certain things that cannot be said and certain things that must be said to show you are a member of the dominant culture or aspire to be.

Currently, Political Correctness is a catch-all term to acknowledge the privilege all the protected groups of the matriarchy under what is laughably called equality legislation. These days there is even something nonsensically called the Women and Equalities Commission.

The question comes to mind about how many “equalities” there are, if there are more than one. Men are now apparently able to claim they are the equal of women at giving birth and claiming parental leave. Women are allowed to claim they are the equal of men at soldiering, policing and not suffering unwanted pregnancy after having casual sex, apparently.

It was Aristotle who said that it is the greatest injustice to treat unequal things equally, and this is surely undeniable. What if God just decided He couldn’t be bothered to decide who should go to heaven or hell, in the way that an examiner decided he could no longer be bothered to mark exam papers because he was tired of having to decipher bad handwriting, make sense of incorrectly spelled words and excruciating grammar? What if God decided to send everyone to hell irrespective of their conduct? What if He decided to send everyone to heaven irrespective of their conduct because He just couldn’t be bothered to sort the sheep from the goats and the chaff from the wheat?

When I was learning English grammar at primary school, I learned the difference between a quantifiable noun and an unquantifiable noun. An example of a quantifiable noun is people, but these days you often hear BBC presenters wallowing in their degeneracy talking about “the amount of people”. As Montaigne said, grammar is the logic of language. In a matriarchy, logic is avoided the way an ugly woman avoids mirrors. If I were still at primary school and you asked me if equality was a quantifiable noun, I would have said no, because you cannot talk in terms of having one equality and then of having two equalities, in the way I might have one potato and acquire a second potato and be said to have two potatoes. Since MPs were persuaded by a Tory Prime Minister into voting for gay marriage with significantly more female MPs prepared to go along with legalising gay marriage than male MPs, it is a given that the House has taken leave of its senses and can no longer be trusted and taken at its word in anything it does. Many MPs are muddle-headed, capricious and incompetent women like our female Prime Minister, or cucked men afraid of incurring her wrath and being kicked out of her cabinet.

A large part of Political Correctness is about inflicting the injustice of treating unequal things equally and not calling things by their proper names, thus corrupting language, thought and of course the very thought processes necessary to reach correct decisions to promote good government.

[This c 500 word essay is part of my application to be the Parliamentary Assistant of Philip Davies MP. I have one previous application to be an MP's secretary and believe I would have been successful if I was prepared to take a pay cut. That MP was Simon Hughes. I remember being impressed by his grasp of detail at my interview.]

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