Monday, 5 June 2017

The Jemima Puddle-Duck Matriarchy of Britain

Jemima is a headstrong innocent distracted by her overwhelming desire to nest, and thus unable to penetrate the fox's designs and comprehend her dangerous situation. The tension rises in increments from the mysterious feather-filled shed (the place of slaughter), to the fox's plan for an omelette (of Jemima's eggs), to the ultimate horror and crowning irony, Jemima's errand to fetch the herbs that will be used to season herself.

Does this remind you of our stinking matriarchy?

Does Cressida Dick remind you of Jemima Puddle-Duck?

I heard her being interviewed by Sarah Montague on The Today Programme and was overwhelmed by this revelation.

Does Fox remind you of Muslim terrorists and Muslim migrants?


PD said...

Just what i thought when i saw her speak on bbc yesterday,but then its possible she might have been affected by what happened.

JF said...

She only cares about her pension.

ES said...

A man with her track record would probably have at best been sidelined to a provincial force with a reduction in rank, or at worst been dismissed from the service.

She is also in a same sex relationship with a junior officer which carries with it all sorts of managerial issues; and discussing it with, I think the Daily Mail makes it worse.

She should be suspended now and replaced with a soldier.

AB said...

Another Radfem Lezza put in position for political reasons.

JF said...

Wasn't she instrumental in the disastrous fuck ups which led to Jean Charles de Menezes murder?

AB said...

She was indeed. An act that would have ended a heterosexual police career. It was under her command he was murdered.

JF said...

These women who act within the corridors of power, have absolutely no sense of shame, decency or honour.