Sunday, 11 June 2017

Is it antisemitic and Islamophobic to ban male circumcision?

The Liberty Belles are "associated" with me in the sense that they call themselves anti-feminists, as do I.

I have never apologised for Nazis and no Nazis have ever asked me to apologise on their behalf. This is a meaningless term but is nevertheless annoying. If they are trying to suggest I am an antisemite, I would like evidence.

I at any rate have firmly dissociated myself from their crackpot campaign of the Liberty Bells to ban male circumcision as a form of unexpressed antisemism and Islamophobia.

Beta male victims of feminism prefer to display their antisemitism and Islamophobia instead of discussing my solutions to feminism

The proposal to ban male circumcision that I do *not* support

If anti-Semites are people Jews hate, are Mike Buchanan, Paul Elam and Tim Hammond indulging in Jew-baiting?

What are BMVOFs really trying to do by campaigning to ban male circumcision?

Elizabeth Hobson of the Liberty Belles proposing to ban male circumcision

I would be interested to know the nature of the talent Natoya Raymond is claimed to have. Is she a talented debater? But she has now cancelled a debate with me she had previously agreed to, so one is probably right to deduce she is not confident of winning it.

My arguments for a one party theocracy to eradicate feminism and re-establish patriarchy

My definition of being extreme is proposing a solution to that is over and beyond what is necessary to solve the problem of feminism. If the problem is matriarchy, then the solution must be patriarchy, must it not? Patriarchy is impossible without marriage being practised. Marriage will not be practised if premarital sex is considered a human right rather than a sexual offence. Argue against this if you can.

To my knowledge, three of the Liberty Belles are unmarried mothers. I have proposed that fornicatresses with illegitimate offspring be lashed 100 times per illegitimate offspring, which is going easy on them considering the actual wording of Presumably this the opinion of mine that these unmarried mothers find so "repugnant". Considering most babies born these days are now illegitimate, I would dispute that my proposal to shame sluts is evidence of timidity on my part but evidence of the opposite: defiance of the majority.

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