Saturday, 10 June 2017

The Liberty Belles complain about Claire Khaw on YouTube

Paula Wright about me "She's got this really big online ... " She never finished the sentence. Perhaps she means my bottom? Oh dear.

Natty Kadifa:

I am deliberately saying things about Claire now, I don't care cos that's what she does online. I found a small Chinese from Malaysia but Chinese lady who is middle aged and not necessarily that great at talking in public, much better at trolling people online. She didn't come out with any of the stuff that she said online. She kept it very guarded. She didn't go on about the UK needing a theocratic dictatorship and that women should be slut-shamed and we should have a Western version of sharia law. She didn't say any of that stuff when she delivered a speech at this Extremists' Club. In fact, when I was there I asked the question "How come you're not going on about your other views?" but the guy who was moderating said she had run out of time so I didn't get to have any back and forth with her publicly, which I wanted to.

I am still prepared to have a debate with you, Natty!

My arguments are set out at

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