Tuesday, 20 June 2017

The most eugenic selection of whom to save if earth were to become the sinking vessel the Titanic was

One alpha male of any race per lifeboat full of the most fertile women of any race and their possibly mixed-race children if any. This would make sense if earth were the sinking vessel and the lifeboat were a space-worthy vessel destined to find another planet to colonise.

Actually, he might need other men with him to help him control the women, but then he would have to share the women. Polyandry is forbidden by the Koran though. If this is the case the alpha male might allow a gay man on board to help him control the women.


SA said...

I wonder how barren women fit into his equation? "Women who can still produce eggs and children first!"

Claire Khaw said...

You can tell from their age, usually.

IZ said...

You need clear rules for the lifeboats. No time to start worrying over the women being barren or the men gay, or everyone drowns.

Claire Khaw said...

The women if rational and wise would want the strongest and most intelligent men to be on their boat.

SA said...

And the men would want young beautiful women.

Claire Khaw said...

So the women huddle in a group and wait for the men to decide which of them get to go on the lifeboat.

When the men have decided the winning male gets to choose the women.