Thursday, 1 June 2017

The most important difference between men and women is their attitude towards immigration

Men don't want foreign men coming into their country to compete with them for resources and women.

Women love the idea of foreign men coming into their country so they can have a wider choice of sex partners.

Men are endogamous, women exogamous.

Unless most women are deprived of the vote, men will never get back their country.

(Remember: Trump lost the popular vote.)

I propose this be done by narrowing the franchise to taxpayers only as well as relieving the low waged of the burden of paying taxes.

The size of the state can be limited by giving citizens the constitutional right not to be taxed more than a flat rate income tax of 20%.

Apparently, 85% of Frenchwomen between the ages of 18 and 25 voted for Macron because he was such a pretty boy. The Cult of Youth is shallow and destructive. In a matriarchy, wisdom and common sense is marginalised and mocked as fascism.

The mature French citizen preferred Macron too, because they didn't want their pensions - paid in euros - to be in any way diminished by a difficult Frexit.

We also know that elderly male voters check out sooner than elderly female voters.

Patriotic men of the West, know thine enemy:

1) female voters who wants ever more restrictive laws against you to protect them from their fecklessness and higher public spending to fund their parasitic existence

2) the operation of liberal democracy that perpetuates this prioritising of the female preference - indiscriminate universal suffrage in a multi-party system whose parties fall over each other to capture the female vote in order to win an election

3) feminazis in Western media and their running dogs who refuse to allow this subject to be debated

REMEMBER: Iran was a puppet of the West until it became a one party theocracy. It still has elections and Iranian voters voted on the basis of which foreign policy they preferred in their 2017 elections. This never happens in the West, which is why the Military Industrial Complex always gets its preferred foreign policy that wages war and provokes terrorism. Iran has a patriarchy promoting the long tern national interest of Iran, while the West is a degenerate and demented matriarchy clueless about its own long term national interest, destroying itself with ever more insane policies its rigged media refuses to report or discuss. The Deep State of America wants matriarchy to continue because a nation of cucked men and cucked male politicians is easy to control and out-manoeuvre.

Why men will never get back their country again as long as democratic politicians keep chasing the female vote

What if 90% of the "migrants" marching into Europe were submissive young women from Asia, and 90% of the white demonstrators supporting this invasion were men, who marched through the streets holding handmade signs with hearts painted on them reading "refugees welcome"?

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