Tuesday, 20 June 2017

The philosophical, demographic and atheist-agnostic case for patriarchy and theocracy

For the avoidance of doubt, I feel I must declare that I do not assume that God exists or that He is efficacious. I assume that no deity exists at all and that all moral and religious principles were attributed to God by wise men of the past who deduced that posterity would be less likely to obey the laws of dead men however wise and more likely to obey the laws of an omnipotent, eternal and eternal God whose existence they were indoctrinated into believing over generations and whose existence they prefer to believe in anyway.

The wisest man in China was Confucius. Do the Chinese practice Confucianism? Do they hell. The Chinese are as Confucian as Westerners are Christian.

Can you imagine the current lot of Chinese parents even willingly wanting to have more than one child? They will be moaning and groaning that the their only only child is more trouble and expense than they can bear without losing their insanity. If you are familiar with the rules of Chinese ancestor worship, you will know how these rules brought about patriarchy in China. They were the Chinese equivalent of requiring men to marry and have an heir and at least a spare to ensure that they do not suffer loss of status in the afterlife. This was what caused China to produce an excess of men capable of at least waging a successful defensive war or acquiring empire.

While China currently has plenty of spare men unable to find women, these men are useless for waging war and acquiring empire because these are the only sons of mothers who will not bear the loss of their only son in battle with the same equanimity as a mother who has more than one son. Yes, sadly for the Chinese, they have fucked up big time with their one child policy, but mysterious and sinister demographic changes are also happening in Taiwan, Korea and Japan who do not have a one child policy. The reason for the below replacement birth rate in the Far East is simple: the availability of the pill and the practice of condoning premarital sex.

All five world religions promote patriarchal moral values. This is because all advanced civilisations are patriarchies and all matriarchies are declining and primitive societies. Rational and decent people prefer to live in a patriarchy while irrational and immoral degenerates who are atheists prefer to live in a matriarchy because they just want to fill their boots with sexual liberation until they are dead with no thought for posterity or their children, let alone descendants.

I trust this is finally clear. I am in particular addressing those who suspect me of being Muslim fanatic. I am just an agnostic who sees the benefit of law and order, progress and peace, which are the products of marriage which brings about social cohesion, patriarchy and rationally small government.

The most profound truths are paradoxical, and the paradox is that it is theocracy that produces minimal and rational good government while sexual liberation produces the abusive nanny state. 

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