Friday, 2 June 2017

The real reason why Christianity failed

Christianity has failed to protect the patriarchy, so the West is now a degenerate matriarchy with no solutions or moral authority, despised by the barbarians at its gate.

The is no masculine authority anywhere in the West, only despised politicians obeying the dowager empress of the stinking degenerate matriarchy, out of ideas and arguments, unable to answer questions and therefore avoiding debates, like Theresa May.

All religions have prohibitions and all the Abrahamic faiths have particular prohibitions against female promiscuity because God or wise men over the ages have come to realise how standards of sexual morality have everything to do with the health of the patriarchy.

Why has Christianity failed but not the other two Abrahamic faiths?

Because the Christian identity is based on a corrupt bargain.

Jews and Muslims do not agree with the Christian idea of God who is also Jesus.

While Jews and Muslims obey the prohibitions of their scripture, Christians fancy themselves superior because they think they can get away with ignoring all the laws of God as long as they claim to believe that Jesus is simultaneously God Himself and His son and often lie that they do.

The reason why the West is a degenerate matriarchy now is because Christianity has failed to preserve the patriarchy. Totalitarian Christianity was based on making the corrupt bargain of pretending to believe in the absurdity of the Trinity while allowing what God has forbidden ie extramarital sex.

It is now actually impossible to re-establish the patriarchy using Christianity just as it is impossible to cross the ocean in your car.

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