Thursday, 1 June 2017

The state of British masculinity

Not looking good for men, is it?

What's upsetting men? 

Women are upsetting men by competing against them and men have noticed that the law has been rigged against men in favour of women.

Howard Dare on the parasitism, unsustainability, regressiveness and totalitarianism of matriarchy

They are angry and scared but don't know how to fight back because they know that no male politician represents their interests because all male politicians are also cucked. 

This neatly explains why men are killing themselves and why female psychologists think specialising in male mental health could be a good move because it is a growth area as increasing numbers of men manifest mental health issues after decades of being the beta male victims of feminism.

All Western men live in a matriarchy, and even Trump is cucked.

If matriarchy is the problem, then patriarchy must be the solution, but patriarchy cannot exist without most people in society practising marriage.

I would say masculinity is a state of mind -  a state of mind prepared to uncompromisingly defend patriarchal moral values.

What are patriarchal moral values? The indispensable ingredient of patriarchy is marriage. MGTOW - Men Going Their Own Way [and refusing to marry] - are therefore a symptom of the disease that is matriarchy and part of the problem.

To defeat the matriarchy men must somehow get it together to abolish no fault divorce and repeal feminist employment legislation consisting of equal pay, maternity pay and sex discrimination legislation, until eventually marriage once again becomes an attractive bargain for men and the obvious occupation for women of child-bearing age. I am afraid this also means having to support and enforce the practice of slut-shaming and/or calling for an Islamic Revolution that will give you a one party theocracy that Iran now has.

Man created God so He could be conscripted into fighting on the male side of the battle of sexes, especially in the business of protecting and maintaining the practice of marriage.

Sluts and socialists walk hand in hand.

Sluts and socialists are the eternal enemies of society and civilisation.

Feminism and socialism are atheist ideologies.

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