Monday, 5 June 2017

When violence is inevitable

Violence is inevitable when someone who has a grievance looking for the solution by negotiating with the cause of the grievance or pleading with her realises that the one causing the grievance has no intention of acknowledging the validity of the grievance at all, let alone resolving it.

This neatly explains the violence being committed by Muslim terrorists as well as the violence that was committed by anti-immigration Islamophobes such as Anders Breivik and the murderer of Jo Cox who called himself 'death to traitors, freedom for Britain' when asked to state his name at his murder trial. They are both manifestations of male rage at the consequences and conditions of living in a degenerate matriarchy.

The Forefront of Knowledge Simon Sheppard explores the mind of the spree killer

The spree killer may be at the outer boundary in the range of normal human behaviour, but nonetheless his is the natural response of the social animal provoked beyond endurance. He is merely the forerunner, and until he is given legitimate expression of his valid and justified anger, and allowed to respond to the daily injustices and affronts he must presently endure, each new atrocity will only herald more to come.

Why Females Prefer Immigrant Males

If their behaviour is unlimited, females are capable of firstly, making their own males into an underclass, for example by their wholesale preference for alien males, as can readily be observed in areas with high immigrant populations. Secondly, they are capable of taking their race to the brink of, if not beyond, extinction. These are critical flaws for which accommodation cannot be countenanced.


Anonymous said...

Westerners refuse to give up pre-marital sexual relations, until then nothing will resolve in their favor.

Anonymous said...

The first video, he's wrong about something.
Muslim women haven't become war brides for American soldiers in both Iraq and Afghan conflicts unlike Asian women during Vietnam war.