Monday, 19 June 2017

White nationalists and me

It is somewhat ironic that the group I most get on with who most easily and quickly understand my ideas are enlightened and educated white nationalists. As far as men are concerned, it is the beta male victims of feminism who call themselves MGTOW who are the most intractable.

The people who most hate and fear me are civic nationalists in UKIP who don't want to be tarred by the same brush as me, as do the Liberty Belles and the women at The Conservative Woman. These are of course the groups I had expected to be most receptive to my ideas but it turns out that they are the ones most falling over themselves to leave whenever I enter the room, so to speak. They don't want to engage presumably because they fear losing the argument.

What explains this? Women are the weaker sex confused and confusing because of their irrationality, timidity and hypocrisy. Civic nationalists are the weaker kind of activist easily frightened by predictable accusations of extremism. It is white nationalists who have turned out to be more tolerant towards me because, bless them, they are mostly men and comfortable in their own skins.

I think they kind of get it that I don't want the white racial composition of the West to change colour and mean them no harm. Even if they find my proposal that they start supporting marriage by shaming sluts detestable and unbearable, the penny is beginning to drop that some sacrifice on their part is required to keep their race and civilisation going.

While I have been accused of being a civic nationalist and therefore having nothing to say that they could find useful, the fact remains that it is undeniable that social conservatism is necessary for the protection of your society, whatever your race. The moral imperative to support marriage is therefore universally applicable. If you want your civilisation to continue, the very least you must do is have enough legitimate children and teach them well. If you can't find women of your race whom you think would be suitable wives, and If your women are saying they can't find any suitable men they would willingly marry, then something must be very very very wrong with your gender relations, mustn't there?

Time to face that fact and DEAL WITH IT.

For those of you who have not got round to marrying, having offspring and think it is too late to do so now, this should not in any way stop you from agreeing with my proposition about the moral imperative of supporting marriage. Even if you do not think you have a queue of admirers waiting to marry you and make babies with you, that should not prevent you from agreeing the principle of supporting marriage in the same way that you can agree with me that you need to have a space-worthy vessel to get to the moon even if you yourself will never be given the opportunity of making that journey.

The quality of the next generation would improve if most children are brought up their married parents living together, wouldn't it?

You don't even have to have married parents to agree with this proposition that marriage is a child protection scheme, do you?

You don't even have to be heterosexual or sexually active to agree with me because, once upon a time, the Pope - a confirmed and celibate bachelor if there ever was one - supported marriage and would uncompromisingly shame sluts.

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