Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Why ecology is the religion of atheists

What do atheists like about their religion of ecology and environmentalism?

They like Nature, they like animals and they are atheists who believe in sexual liberation.

Sexual liberation means the widespread practice of recreational extramarital non-procreative sex.

Because environmentalists believe that the world would be a better place with fewer humans, it gives its adherents the perfect excuse not to marry and have children. Spouses are annoying, inconvenient and expensive and so are children, especially if you want to educate and bring them up properly.

Because Nature is indeed beautiful, Western environmentalists are predictably moved by its grandeur and beauty, more than they are moved by the almost incomprehensible Doctrine of the Trinity that their ancestors once paid lip service to. Environmentalists have Christian ancestors and therefore the religion they reject is Christianity, whose doctrinal requirement is to believe that Christ is also God Himself and His son, which is patently absurd.

Having rejected Christianity, they are unlikely to go for Judaism or Islam either. Christianity in practice only requires people who call themselves Christians to claim that they believe in the Trinity to be in good standing with their corruptible and corrupt clergy who mostly don't believe in it either, while adherents of Judaism and Islam actually have to do things good Jews and Muslims are supposed to do ie refrain from indulging in extramarital sex and celebrate their traditions over and above guzzling chocolate eggs at Easter and indulging in drunkenness and gluttony at Christmas.

Environmentalists also like animals. Many of them are spinsters with cats who indulged in sexual liberation on the cock carousel until they realised they had ruined themselves for marriage before settling down to a life of pets.

Environmentalism is the product of our Culture of Consumption, or, if you prefer, our Culture of Sex and Shopping. We know this because Environmentalism has no solutions other than recycling. It certainly dares not touch the vexed issue of usury which turbo-charges our consumerism. The worship of Mammon is about creating desire for a consumer good where none previously existed, impelling its victims to lend and borrow irresponsibly to satisfy a desire that will soon be replaced by another desire for another consumer good, reducing us to mere fungible units of consumption, without identity and without principle who become the disposable units of a disposable culture. As well as individuals, governments also lend and borrow irresponsibly and their victims are its citizens, at sea in a swamp of empty consumption, simultaneously indulging in all of the Seven Deadly Sins at an unprecedented rate.

Environmentalism is silent on usury, but Islam, which would ban usury, is not.

The Bible and the Koran condemn profligacy and waste, but what is waste if not throwing away perfectly useful things just because they are no longer new or fashionable, to buy something else we don't need with borrowed money we don't have?

Waste is of course supremely environmentally unfriendly when you think of all the factories producing things nobody really needs belching out pollution caused by its energy-consumption.

Have you noticed that Britain's only Green MP 's constituency is in Brighton, the gay capital of Britain? Gay sex is the cheapest form of sex you can get, cheaper even than hiring a prostitute. Gay sex is the cheapest form of sex because gay couples who have sex with each other are most likely to enjoy the sex act for the sake of the sex act, while heterosexual couplings require seduction, domination, submission or the exchange of money for sexual services. Marriage is the most expensive form of sex,while fornication is the second most expensive.

To perpetuate the matriarchy, feminists have to ensure that most of the sex that takes place in society is extramarital sex, and this is why they get so offended about my proposal to shame sluts, as requires.

To become a patriarchy again, gay sex and fornication have to be criminalised while marriage is reconsecrated and prostitution tolerated once more.

You may have noticed that feminists want to in effect ban prostitution by criminalising the punter for buying sex, which is much more intolerant and restrictive than the Koran. The Koran at least tolerates prostitution provided you do not compel your slave girls.

So there we have it: patriarchy is about keeping the price of sex high which is eugenic and in the long term national interest, while matriarchy is about keeping the price of sex comfortably low for degenerates and atheists who refuse to make the sacrifices required for marriage and family values, who don't care about their children, descendants, society, nation or civilisation after they are dead. The political system that most favours the perpetuation of the matriarchy is of course liberal democracy, because it ensures that government can never think beyond the next election, which is always less than five years ahead of the present. This means they can never think of promoting the long term national interest, which explains why politicians are invariably stupid, corrupt, short-termist, unprincipled, cowardly and damnably irresponsible.

Worse, the Fourth Estate - the media who are supposed to call to account the government as well as analyse and report stories and opinion - have been co-opted into the exercise of defending this political system, probably because they are also mostly sexually corrupt and stuffed with feminists and LGBTs.

You pays your money and you makes your choice: are you a rational and decent person or a hedonistic degenerate bent on filling your boots before you die with no thought for posterity?

If you are the former, you would feel morally obliged to choose a one party theocracy. If you are a degenerate, you would of course be happy with things exactly the way they are. You would not be capable of telling the Noble Lie or wish to perpetuate it.

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