Monday, 5 June 2017

Why nationalists cannot bring themselves to support marriage

What Islam and Judaism have demonstrated is that all societies need marriage. Christians used to have laws and a culture that supported marriage and the family but now the corrupt church is only a host for social parasites eg feminists, socialists, LGBTs whose purpose it is to undermine patriarchy.

Even now, after years of explaining this simple fact to them, non-Muslim white gentiles are still refusing to discuss with me how to take this knowledge forward.

I imagine it is because they neither want to discuss nor implement what they already know I propose: renounce a culture of condoning extramarital sex and embrace a culture of shaming sluts. This is perfectly understandable, for one cannot really expect a drunk to go on the wagon until and unless he has hit rock bottom. In the meantime, he will continue to deny that his problems are anything to do with his drink problem and instead blame everyone else but himself eg Jews, Muslims, immigrants etc.

The most prominent nationalists are atheists who look with contempt and disgust at the very idea that they might need the help of religion or God at all. After all, they have spent their entire lives sneering at religion and religiosity. Their hatred and contempt for Jews, Muslims and even Christians stems from this attitude towards religion, as well as their sense of what they believe to be their innate racial, cultural and intellectual superiority.

Because it is easier to continue complaining about Jews, Muslims etc than it is to re-establish the patriarchy, this is what I imagine the beta male victims of feminism will do so long as there is breath in them.

Being mostly childless atheists, they will have no biological investment in the next generation. This being so, the long term national interest and posterity are but mere abstractions to them while they go about filling their boots and availing themselves of any sexual opportunities that might come their way.

Their lifetime ambition is to go to their graves with their chauvinistic beliefs intact, before the shit hits the fan, rather than consider, discuss  or implement any controversial long term solutions. Life's too short, you can almost hear them saying to each other. 

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