Saturday, 24 June 2017

Why should men marry and have legitimate children with women they fear when fornication is already a human right?

No reason at all, if you are a hedonistic atheist who just wants to fill his boots without the inconvenience and expense of having a wife and children until you can no longer fill your boots  because you have become old and ugly, sick and weak, before dying.  

No reason at all, if you don't give a damn about your race, nation and civilisation, and, let's face it, hedonistic atheist degenerates don't give a damn about these things because degenerates are by their nature unable to grasp or care about abstract principles, and only care about the physical pleasures of sex, gluttony and the fleeting pleasures of consumerism.

Even if they did say they cared about their race, nation and civilisation, they would not be prepared to make the necessary sacrifices and take the risks to overthrow the matriarchy and re-establish the patriarchy.

After all, such an undertaking would be fraught with inconvenience, risk and sacrifice and these risk-averse degenerates just wouldn't trust themselves or their associates to see such a project to completion and success.  

Even if they were prepared to make the necessary sacrifices of marriage, they would not be considered marriageable by feminists and, let's face it, Western women are overwhelmingly feminists.  

Even if they were to marry, there is no guarantee that their marriage would not end in no fault divorce after their wife becomes bored and irritated with them.  

So they have to propose the abolition of no fault divorce, which would irritate libtards and the women they are currently having sex with, or the women they hope to have sex with. 

So they don't do it. Anyway, it's much more fun whingeing about feminism on YouTube instead of proposing practical solutions that would work, because that is boring and won't generate a lot of subscribers or likes.  

So that's why ethno-nationalist YouTubers aren't prepared to "go there". Nor are they prepared to discuss it with me because I am "differently raced" and female. That is their official excuse though some of them deign to speak to mixed-race female alt-right YouTubers because they are young and pretty, like Roaming Millennial or the one who admitted she didn't know what "petulant" meant Tara something or other. Roaming Millennial would never dream of inviting me because she regards me as competition. I know I cannot expect any opportunities from female nationalist YouTubers because they find me too intellectually intimidating. In any case, my position is that it doesn't matter what women think, it is up to men to say it and do it, and these women should just be ignored because their views don't matter. The women will only follow if they think the men are going to win and it looks like these losers and cucks are a million light years from winning.

Instead these ethno-nationalists prefer to sit around bitching about things like the women they affect to despise. When you suggest a solution that would actually work, their thoughts would be along these lines:

All we want to do is whinge, bitch and moan about the government and shit while getting paid for it by our followers. Fuck off with your ideas of political agitation and demands which we are too afraid of rejection to put to our government or even each other. Just fuck off and let us decline and fall and die in peace. Can't you see we are mostly illegitimate, emasculated and unmarriageable? Can't you see we are too weak in body and spirit to even think of doing what you propose? Fuck off, just fuck off. 

Yeah, I know how effete emasculated men think. I know this because all the men in the West are exactly as I have described.  

Most of them have been singly parented by their unmarried or divorced mothers who have deprived their sons of a father and this is why they no longer even have any masculinity to insult.   

Nothing can motivate them other than bribes and threats, but I have no army. I also refuse to tell them lies and dishonestly guarantee success.

In a purely instinctual sense, non-humans animals just mate without thinking of the consequences because the moment felt right and they were carried away by the mood of the moment. "If we don't yet know the answer to the question of the purpose of life", the males must have thought (if they thought at all), "perhaps our descendants will. Thank God we can just pump and dump the females we manage to impregnate, which does make things rather easier for us compared to decent human beings who have discovered marriage and patriarchy, thank God!"

If we had any sense of decency or pride, we would not want to be the weak link that failed to pass on what we were given - life and the opportunity to pass on our knowledge and/or property (if any) to future generations. Being degenerate, atheist, feminist and environmentalist, most people don't care for abstract principles that involve inconvenience, sacrifice, expense and strife.

Being humans, we are expected to do better than just have illegitimate offspring, and for this reason God was created by Wise Men and then conscripted into maintaining the practice of marriage. If we fail to respect this practice, we become a matriarchy. If we become a matriarchy, other groups that are patriarchies will invade and take us over. It really is as simple as that. Perhaps Millennial Woes and I will discuss this one day soon on his channel, if he  can bear to discuss this if his followers on Twitter and subscribers on YouTube can bear to hear this bitter fact of life and civilisation without leaving in droves.

Perhaps I should have entitled this post "The reason for"

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