Sunday, 30 July 2017

The price of sex - Part 2

The sex instinct makes men strive to impress women, and it is through this that civilisation is advanced.

This is why it is so dangerous to your society and your nation to lower the price of sex or price it incorrectly, because men are primarily motivated by sex.

The Fall of Troy was exactly about the price of sex.

Paris, Prince of Troy, was asked to award the Golden Apple to one of these three goddesses:

1) Hera who offered him empire and wealth

2) Athena who offered him wisdom

3) Aphrodite who offered him the love of the most beautiful woman in the world

Why do men even bother to acquire the first two? To have the love of the most beautiful woman in the world, clearly.

Paris cut to the chase, didn't pass go, didn't collect £200 and went straight to pussy.

Troy fell because King Priam defended Paris's choice, but Paris was a morally-compromised slut-fucker who chose Helen, who was a slut.

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Jeffrey Marshall in conversation with Claire Khaw

Topics discussed:

  • Charlie Gard
  • Melanie Phillips
  • Scottish Widows
  • Professor Michio Hirano
  • funerals
  • brain damage
  • Crowdfunding
  • media
  • David Cameron
  • intersectionality
  • Gordon Brown
  • Millennial Woes
  • depression
  • victimhood
  • traditional values
  • alpha male
  • deep state
  • democracy 
  • conspiracy theories
  • Jews
  • scapegoat

Friday, 28 July 2017

Roger Scruton fails to denounce feminism again

Why are Conservatives derided and held in contempt? Because they are represented by dull doddery old coots like Scruton who refuses to criticise feminism and refuse to move aside for younger and bolder philosophers.

If Conservative principles are not defined, then how do people remain Conservative?

16th minute Scruton:

A market in sexual relations is the end of all social coherence.

This point was not picked up at all. How incredibly incompetent and sleepy of Peter Robinson who moved swiftly on to Brexit, who is probably gay.

23rd minute  Scruton on the indigenous working class:

In America as in Britain, the indigenous working class has been put out of mind, even overtly disparaged by the media and the political class. All attempts to give voice to their anxieties over immigration and over the impact on their lives of globalisation and the spread of liberal conceptions of sex, marriage and the family have been dismissed or silenced.
The old traditional working class no longer has that cohesion it had before and it is no longer an identifiable social mass. The liberal establishment has ceased to represent the interests of that class anyway. It represents the interests of the people who say they represented the interests of that class. It is a sell-serving ideology of people who want to appear virtuous without the cost of it. People in the media, the administration and so on who love the image of themselves as defenders of the people who recognise that when in the proximity of the people they feel nothing but repugnance.

Scruton says people are being asked to "deterritorialise" themselves by their own governments.

Peter Robinson:

The indigenous working class has no right to be upset about these liberal conceptions of sex and marriage because they are the one who have embraced them.

Scruton on the sexual morality:

This is the biggest area of temptation and a culture of resistance is needed for the protection of the working class and children who need a father at home who have lost that. Liberal propaganda has made it impossible to say these things unless you don't care what people say about you. The truth has been made unsayable by liberal censorship.

On Trump, Scruton says he won the election on the basis of things that were rightly said. One of the reasons why he was elected is for saying the unsayable. People have been living under a regime of liberal censorship which makes it very hard to say things without being accused of faults like racism, xenophobia which nobody wants to be accused of but those accusations are very easy to make because there is no criteria on which to make them other than the feelings involved."

Scruton on the cancer of our stinking Globalist Matriarchy that is destroying the middle class, the buffer class that functioning capitalist societies must have if capitalism is to survive: 

The expansion of the state to absorb more and more of civil society has happened everywhere, more outside the Anglosphere than inside the Anglosphere. You still have private education if you want it and can afford it. All that free association that made the English-speaking countries great still exist, but there is a tax on it of roughly speaking what you earn which goes to maintain a shadow community of parasites whose only justification is that the pretend to be governing. We belong to an organism that has a cancerous version of itself.

Sluts and socialists are the eternal enemies of society and civilisation.

Bhagavad Gita:

Out of the corruption of women proceeds the corruption of races; out of the corruption of races, the loss of memory; out of the loss of memory, the loss of understanding, and out of this all evil.

E Michael Jones says he would become Muslim if he thought Islam provided the solution

Thursday, 27 July 2017

My public letter to Lord Sacks

Sent: Thursday, 27 July 2017, 11:30
Subject: Questions for Rabbi Lord Sacks and a request for an interview

1) Nationalism cannot exist without patriarchy.

2) Patriarchy cannot exist without traditional marriage ie the enforcement of its most important rule: the forbidding and punishing of extramarital sex

3) Patriarchy cannot exist without theocracy ie the existence of laws that forbid and punish extramarital sex

4) Man created God for the above reasons.

5) Patriarchy is a society that prioritises the preferences of married fathers.

6) Matriarchy is a society that priorities the preferences of the never married single mother.

7) All advanced societies are patriarchies.

8) All primitive and declining societies are matriarchies.

9) Discovering that you live in a matriarchy is discovering that your society has terminal cancer.

10) If the problem is matriarchy, the solution must be patriarchy.

11) If the solution is patriarchy, the solution must also be theocracy.

12) If the solution is theocracy, the solution must also be Islam and an Islamic Revolution.

13) Christianity is now indistinguishable from liberalism and this must mean it is no longer fit for the purpose of maintaining morality and patriarchy.

14) Once you have eliminated the impossible then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the solution.

15) Islam is the most advanced version of the Abrahamic religions because it guarantees freedom of belief with

16) If Islam is "Judaism Lite", then Secular Koranism is "Islam Lite".

17) Because Christianity required its adherents to declare a belief in an absurdity as an article of faith, it was bound to fail when it became legal to deny the Trinity.

18) Because Christianity relies on a corruptible clergy to maintain morality, it was bound to fail in an environment of sexual liberation.

19) Because Islam assumes that law should conform with morality and morality conform with religion, it understands that it is the law that limits our immorality.

20) The Koran warns urges us to use reason and warns us against adhering to the religion of our ancestors just because it is the religion of our ancestors.

21) I am not Muslim but agnostic, but if it is really the case that Christianity is irreparable, hadn't we better replace it with Islam?

22) Wouldn't the Koranic prohibition against usury significantly curtail Jewish power?

23) Are gentiles in the West and their politicians more gullible and exploitable if they live in a matriarchy?

24) If Westerners lived in a one party theocracy promoting patriarchal moral values, wouldn't this mean that they and their government would not be so easily led into irrational and self-destructive policies?

I see from  that Rabbi Sacks is genuinely concerned about the degenerate morals of the formerly Christian Western political establishment.

He may remember our conversation after he gave his talk at   

Would it be possible to have answers in writing or in person or by Skype from Rabbi Sacks to these questions?

I have recently made two videos on my YouTube channel interviewing E Michael Jones which Rabbi Sacks should find of interest. I apologise for the quality of the first video at

The second video at records both our voices clearly.


Claire Khaw

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Anne Marie Waters exposed - Atheist pro-LGBT Marxist Feminist hijacks UK...

Why not a theocracy?

Who was in charge in Eden - Adam or Eve? Eve was temptation, and Man is forever vulnerable to temptation because we are all prone to negligence and inattention. This why it is imperative that we choose our leaders, political system and laws very carefully indeed, if we are wise and wish our society to prosper.

If an omnipotent and morally perfect God exists and has taken the trouble to make laws for us, why not follow them, especially if we are afraid of an imminent Islamic invasion and takeover from those who already follow His laws?

If we adopt these laws, it is possible that we can interpret them more rationally and humanely than non-Western Muslims who have clearly misinterpreted their Holy Book, having closed the Gate of Interpretation many centuries ago.

Why not fight fire with fire?

Why not join them if you can't beat them?

What is the point of having nuclear weapons if you cannot even keep out the unarmed invader and dare not discuss the reasons why not?

Saturday, 22 July 2017

The moral imperative of theocracy

The purpose of morality is to maintain group solidarity and the existence of the group.

All the Abrahamic faiths promote patriarchal moral values which feminists wish to subvert because they want to destroy the patriarchy.

Patriarchy cannot exist without marriage, and nationalism cannot exist without patriarchy.

Nationalism cannot exist without patriarchy because a matriarchy by definition cannot produce enough strong moral men to challenge and overthrow the matriarchy. (Is Philip Davies MP alone enough to challenge and overthrow our degenerate matriarchy? Was Sir Keith Joseph and Lord Glasman? I rest my case.)

Everything about feminism undermines marriage and the family.

The success of feminism is based on the success with which it bribes men with extramarital sex from immoral women.

A patriarchy is a society which prioritises the preferences of married fathers, a matriarchy a society which prioritises the preferences of unmarried mothers.

Feminist beliefs are based on gender equality in active defiance of Truth, Reason and Morality.

Feminism cannot be termed an alternative form of morality, and is in fact the antithesis of morality itself because its practices would lead to the disintegration of the group, nation or civilisation infected by this virus or cancer.

If what is Satanic is rebellion against God and His prescribed morality for us, then feminism can be said to be Satanic for this reason alone, because it undermines the eugenic practice of marriage through condoning the practice of dysgenic fornication that causes widespread bastardy.

You will not be able to find a single feminist who is not against the practice of slut-shaming and who does not regard fornication as a self-evident human right.

All the Abrahamic faiths treat fornication as a sexual offence. 

The purpose of religion is to maintain morality making the exercise of maintaining morality logically and necessarily a public matter. Therefore morality must by definition be a matter of state, because it can only be done through law and politics. The logic of theocracy beckons.



The people are the grass and the law the wind. When  the wind blows, the grass will bend.

Discussing whether feminism is evil with Stefan Molyneux

Should law conform to morality and if so what kind of morality should it conform to and why?

Friday, 21 July 2017

The real reason why Caiphas concluded Christ had to be killed

For you, brothers and sisters, became imitators of God’s churches in Judea, which are in Christ Jesus: You suffered from your own people the same things those churches suffered from the Jews 15 who killed the Lord Jesus and the prophets and also drove us out. They displease God and are hostile to everyone 16 in their effort to keep us from speaking to the Gentiles so that they may be saved. In this way they always heap up their sins to the limit. The wrath of God has come upon them at last.

 I believe the following sums up exactly why the Jews were so furious with Jesus, and I paraphrase:

What, you want to give our God to the goyim? And to persuade them, you are telling them that our Yahweh is your papa?

Probably, there were quite a few times when Joseph his stepfather wanted to wring his stepson's neck. One can imagine Jesus being insufferably sanctimonious as a child and an adolescent.

The Boy Jesus at the Temple - The Stepfather's Version

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Me and Mr Jones

Below are the topics Dr E Michael Jones and I discussed:

In the long run we are all Hungry Ghosts

Hitler’s Finances and the Myth of Nazi Anti-Usury Activism

The term was initially coined by Flavius Josephus in the first century A.D. to describe the characteristic government of the Jews. Josephus argued that while mankind had developed many forms of rule, most could be subsumed under the following three types: monarchy, oligarchy, and democracy. The government of the Jews, however, was unique. Josephus offered the term "theocracy" to describe this polity, ordained by Moses, in which God is sovereign and his word is law. 

Mike told me I inhabited a Manichean universe.

I suppose he means he thinks I see the world in black and white and my world is binary. There is a reason why computers use binary code!

The binary system was chosen only because it is quite easy to distinguish the presence of an electric current from an absense of electric current, especially when working with trillions of such connections. 

E Michael Jones has re-posted my video on his YouTube channel and you may wish to go there for a more Catholic reaction.

My second discussion with E Michael Jones

Topics discussed: 

  • Iran
  • Yvonne Ridley
  • The Pill
  • feminism
  • Nation of Islam
  • Methodists
  • Iranian Revolution
  • sexual morality
  • demographics
  • Methodism
  • John Wesley
  • Steve Bannon
  • Islam
  • Jamaica
  • Confucius
  • theocracy
  • William Hogarth
  • Catholic Church
  • moral relativism
  • Libido Dominandi
  • Turkey
  • logos
  • St Augustine
  • chastity
  • Thomas Aquinas
  • Plato
Same video as above but with comments from Catholics who follow E Michael Jones

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Simon Sheppard arrested under the Terrorism Act 2000 and the trouble with the alt-right of Britain

Sheppard's current research is medical and involves a compound that is applied to the skin. It was going very well until he was arrested on suspicion of making racially aggravated complaints about an African the Council has moved in nearby. Seeing his equipment and materials, he was re-arrested under the Terrorism Act 2000. There is video somewhere of his area flooded with blue lights, while Sheppard was held under 24-hour watch. His computers have been taken away again.

Jez didn't mention the letter containing the Balfour Declaration at Waddesdon. (It was just a non-committal thank you letter from Arthur Balfour to Lord Rothschild for his donation to the Conservative Party, hardly a testament signed in blood.)

The Rothschilds never lived there, which is why it feels unlived in.  It was their "country cottage".

I wouldn't interpret the presence of Joshua Reynold's Thais as evidence that Jews want to destroy the West, let me be clear!

Joshua Reynolds turned this portrait of Emily Bertie Pott into a grand history painting by combining portraiture, classical literature and social comment. Thaïs famously encouraged Alexander the Great to burn the Palace of Persepolis. In the 18th century, she was associated with women like Emily, an infamous mistress of Charles Greville.

Burning of Persepolis
Thaïs apparently came from Athens and accompanied Alexander throughout his campaign in Asia Minor. She came to the attention of history when, in 330 BC, Alexander burned down the palace of Persepolis, the principal residence of the defeated Achaemenid dynasty, after a drinking party. Thaïs was present at the party and gave a speech which convinced Alexander to burn the palace. Cleitarchus claims that the destruction was a whim; Plutarch and Diodorus recount that it was intended as retribution for Xerxes' burning of the old Temple of Athena on the Acropolis in Athens (the site on the extant Parthenon) in 480 BC during the Persian Wars.

Jez Turner: "Liberalism caused Islam."
How did liberalism cause Islam? Or do you mean feminism and Western government policy caused immigration and Islamophobia?

UKIP leadership election

 Jez supports Anne Marie Waters, I support John Rees-Evans, Arron Banks supports David Kurten.

Joshua Bonehill's new prison (non-smoking) address

Joshua Bonehill A5933DM
HMP Guys Marsh

Liberals snobbishly think it beneath them to admit to being affected by the same things that adversely affect the indigenous proletariat.  I have concluded that the problem is really social snobbery and the operation of the English class system. If the ruling classes were antisemitic, sexist and racist, the sheeple and the political establishment would also be unquestioningly antisemitic, sexist and racist too as indeed they once were. At the end of the day, most members of society are sheeple and only a very small minority are capable of independent thought, and this includes nationalists and members of our political establishment who are exemplars of mediocrity, cowardice and hypocrisy. It is always from this minority that our future leaders will come from.

Transgenderism condemned

Meet Dr Victoria McCloud, UK’s First Ever Transgender High Court Judge

Britain no longer a Christian country

Why does Jez say the Church of England stopped being Christian 100 years ago? I would say it stopped being Christian about 200 years ago.

Jews and modern architecture

Is it quite fair to blame Jews for the soul-destroying uniformity and brutality modern architecture?

Russian Revolution: Hope, Tragedy, Myths
Open until Tue 29 Aug 2017

The oft-repeated accusation of Jews feeding gentiles the poison of liberalism is repeated here. Let me make it clear that while I have the greatest respect for the religion of God's Chosen People, I do not see that they should escape criticism and mockery from gentiles altogether.

It is of course the fact that the gentile in his own land cannot mock Jews that is responsible for so much antisemitism in the West.

While Jews suffer from the temptation of the strong and clever in bullying and exploiting the weak and stupid, I feel gentiles have to take some responsibility for their own predicament. Even if the Jew were always offering cups of poison to the gentile, there is still no reason for the gentile to always accept it and drink from it quite so eagerly and quickly.

Jews who urge feminism on the deranged and gullible gentile are never observant and orthodox Jews, are they?

Should any tribe be judged by the worst of its criminal members?

Can it not be argued that the matriarchy of the West has itself corrupted the morals of the Jews?

If the unscrupulous and immoral use the vulnerabilities of our irrational political system and immoral political ideology against us, shouldn't we take some responsibility for this for using such a rotten system and being fixated on an erroneous ideology because we are too proud, afraid or lazy to question it?

Is there something in the culture and politics of the gentile Westerner - some unpatched vulnerability in his software - that makes him particularly susceptible to these temptations to vice and degeneracy?

Very disappointingly, Jez does not discuss feminism at all.

There are some who blame Jews for feminism and use as authority for this proposition that prominent feminists are Jewesses, but I question this. Clever people are invariably attracted to politics and Jews being a superior race (because they have kept their traditions by caring whom they marry unlike the modern and degenerate gentile who no longer practises marriage) are a clever, tenacious and cohesive people who have risen to prominence because they are superior in talent and culture. What does not kill you makes you stronger, after all. Judaism is for Jews only, because it is so high maintenance that no gentile wants to be burdened by its practice unless s/he is lucky enough to find a Jew prepared to marry him or her and because of this have to convert.

If Islam is "Judaism Lite", then Secular Koranism is "Islam Lite". Both Judaism and Islam require from its adherents observance and practice of their traditions while Christianity only requires that Christians tell the lie that they believe in the absurdity of the Trinity, namely that they believe that Christ is simultaneously God Himself and His Son.

In our age of universal education, requiring belief in the Trinity as an article of Christian faith is now too much to ask, which is why the demand is no longer made.

Congregations are made to repeat the Nicene creed uncomprehendingly at church services, and this will have to do as lip service to the creed. Christian fundamentalists understand the nature of this corrupt bargain but cultural Christians do not, because this demand was never made of them, and few people who call themselves Christians were actually confirmed in adolescence.

For this reason, Christian principles have been progressively diluted and this explains why Christianity is now indistinguishable from liberalism. Christianity has failed Westerners, because they are now infected by the virus of feminism which will destroy even their desire to be cured from it.

They are suffering from a kind of dementia, it seems, so debilitating that most of the alt-right seem to be of the mind that they do not want a leader, and refuse to discuss this any further. They do not want a leader because they wish to escape the trouble and inconvenience of being led, because being led implies an arduous journey that they do not wish to embark upon, for they are desirous of staying at home in order to make their alt-right YouTube videos complaining about Jews, Muslims and immigration without ever lifting a finger to propose a practical political solution. Most of their videos consist of a daydream of a post-pogrom all-white West some indefinite time in the future. They do not want a leader because they do not wish to experience again the disappointment of being betrayed by their inadequate and dishonourable leaders, and they have all been inadequate and dishonourable. 

This neatly explains why I am denied a platform by the alt-right who are the intended beneficiaries of Secular Koranism.

The sad fact is that Western Man is now so emasculated by feminism that he now behaves like a woman.

Men often complain about women who tell them their problems and who become offended when a practical solution is offered. In reality, all the complaining woman wanted was your attention, your sympathy and your shoulder to cry on. She does not really want to leave her husband, break up with her boyfriend or change her job, because complaining about it with your attentive sympathy is enough to stop her from doing any of those things, for now.

The alt-right have become the woman who is offended because you have presented them with the solution that they do not wish to go to the trouble of implementing.

As Livy said, "We can neither bear our vices, or the cure for them."

The cure is patriarchy reinforced by a one party theocracy governed by the principles of Secular Koranism, and this none of them can bear to hear, because it means they have to reconsecrate marriage and punish extramarital sex.

Even in a patriarchy married sex is the most expensive form of sex, and most of these men know they are poor and unmarriageable. The prospect of fornicating with a fornicatress is the opium of what passes for their "religion". The idea of getting sex from a prostitute is probably too uncomfortable and expensive for them.

I am not so out of touch that I do not know why they detest my cure. Indeed, I have been told that my cure is worse than the disease, as Livy hinted.

All this has happened before, and it will happen again. The Chinese even have a term for it: Yin and Yang which explains the eternal battle of the sexes.

Denial is a feminine vice and the men of the alt-right have become women in denial. 

Jews are also victims of the matriarchy

Feminism causes anti-Semitism (as well as degeneracy, dementia, immigration and paedophilia)

Pankaj Mishra's Age of Anger does not mention how feminism makes men of all races angry 

 Rabbi Sacks on why a weak sense of identity makes formerly Christian gentile Westerners angry and frightened. Jews never lost their traditions and identity because their religion itself is about  reminding them of their identity, which is why they remain the most cohesive and powerful of tribe of all the tribes of the world, even as they lived in gentile lands after being expelled from Israel by the Romans all those centuries ago. 

Monday, 17 July 2017

Why won't these men complaining about feminism propose practical solutions?

It is asinine how Elam only wants vague declarations of men being people too, rather than practical proposals to

1) abolish no fault divorce

2) requiring engaged couples to agree a marriage contract before a marriage certificate is issued

3) obliging only married fathers to support their legitimate offspring

 4) shaming sluts

The asinine Elam says at

It is time for feminism to fulfill its promise of equality, and to quit making a mockery of it.

It is surely time to give up any such expectation of feminism, denounce it, declare war on it and defeat it.

The asinine Elam also obsesses about the marginal pursuit of banning male circumcision presumably as a subconscious expression of his antisemitism and Islamophobia. It is as if he wants to fail. Oh, and he has blocked me on Twitter. It is impossible to tell if these men's rights activists are really that stupid or are just pretending to be.

The tragedy is that both Elam and Buchanan are clearly beta male mediocrities, repulsive to women and not husband material.

Where are the alpha males, you ask? They have better things to do than save beta males from the stench of their own mediocrity and character defects. These men with alpha male qualities prefer to enjoy the privilege of sexual access to women which they can do only if they conform to the rules of our stinking degenerate matriarchy the most important of which is to never ever criticise the morals of Slut Single Mothers. The 4 Categories of Unmarried Motherhood

The default behaviour of women in a matriarchy free from the constraints of patriarchy is unchecked parasitism.

Most people will do what the law allows because the law limits our immorality. Laws in the West are clearly immoral, and changing them back from injustice to justice will require the most radical form of political activism. Men need to engage in political activism. Sadly, Paul Elam who leads the men's rights movement is a total jerk.  Instead of campaigning for the abolition of no fault divorce and the shaming of sluts, he campaigns for the banning of male circumcision to indulge his unexpressed antisemitism and Islamophobia presumably. Perhaps it is time to ask ourselves whether Western Man is suffering from a disease of the mind.  This dead end of beta male political activism has also infected the UK.

Isn't it a truth universally acknowledged that a man wants a sex object and a woman a meal ticket? If marriage is no longer sacred then there will be no possibility of affection and trust between a man and a woman. The solution must be to abolish no fault divorce. Why can't you say that, John AKA @MGTOWisFREEDOM?

My tweets that sum up this 22 minute video by Millennial Woes on the interests of whites

What I would like to discuss with him:

Racial degeneracy, national decline and the end of Western civilisation as we know it

Let's just say for the sake of argument that people of the same race, ability and class were divided into two different gender balanced groups with the same number of fertile individuals.

Group A respected the most important rule of traditional marriage which is to forbid and punish extramarital sex and allowed men up to four wives if they could support them but prescribed monogamy as the ideal.

Group B was sexually liberated and were uninhibited in having under-aged sex and fornication was widespread and normalised. They also condoned divorce and never married mothers, indulged in sodomy, fornicated, committed incest, gave its five year old schoolchildren sex education classes to get them hooked on recreational sex nice and early as well as allowing its infertile women to use IVF and allowing its LGBT couples to "marry" and have surrogate babies. Worst of all, free online porn was available to all and Woman's Hour - which is even worse than porn in corrupting the morals of the women - was broadcast 6 days a week.

What do you think will happen to the genetic stock of the respective groups 100 years later?

Who do you think would win if the two groups were to wage war against each other?

How much longer will you retain Western hegemony if you are too stupid to work this out, pretend you don't know what I am talking about and won't discuss this with me on your alt-right YouTube channel?

Sunday, 16 July 2017

The Koran does not forbid what Tara McCarthy says it does

E Michael Jones on sexual morality and the price of sex

E Michael Jones:

What this means is you have to act like a homosexual now, even if you're not a homosexual. What does that mean?
You engage in transient, sterile sexual relationships because they're cheap and because of that you're not going to ask for a raise whereas if you'd gotten married and had children you would have all this responsibility and you'd need more money. So what we have now is Berlin as the new paradigm of urban development. The gay mayor of Berlin says:
"We're poor, but we're sexy."
That's the paradigm for the entire world right now. In other words, even if you're not homosexual, you should act like a homosexual and engage in transient sterile relationships and be content with low-waged jobs because we'll call them start-ups, which will be the excuse for not paying you a decent wage. This is the way state of the art sexual liberation is being used to control primarily the millennial generation which is not forming families. The millennials have swallowed this homosexual propaganda hook, line and sinker and don't understand how they're being controlled by it.

Thursday, 13 July 2017

My libertarian theocratic and nationalist political position

Mark Collett also has a YouTube channel. Why don't you ask to appear on his?

Does Claire Khaw post "drivel" as Maggie Chapman claims?

MAGGIE CHAPMAN, admin of the The Great British Political Debate (2139 members) to me admin of Public Debate/ (3652 members):

You have been removed from GPBD group for 48 hours.We have asked you repeatedly to post debating point or question with your inane posts but you appear to be refusing to do so .(admin)


I knew you were working yourself up to it. I bet people will ask you where I have gone.


Four admins agreed to this.No one comments on your posts so I doubt you`ll be missed anyway


Were they all women?


No the other 3 were men
They think you post inane drivel too


Would they mind you naming them?


Ivan , Benjamin and the thirst one probably would mind yep as he wont want you hounding him asking him why he thinks youre a plank
Youre not popular Claire.Deaal with it.


Nobody comments on it my posts because they are too intellectually intimidated to do so.


Nobody comments because theyre drivel.
If you want to think otherwise, go right ahead.

Because I posted this exchange:


Permanent ban

More of this exchange can be read at

You don't have to be my Facebook friend to comment.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Why Nationalism should replace Conservatism, Liberalism and Socialism

Liberalism is no longer about liberty and Conservatism no longer about social conservatism. Both ideologies are now hopelessly corrupted and distorted and in effect meaningless. If Liberalism means anything at all, it means sexual liberation. If Conservatism means anything, it means conserving the status quo, no matter how or what it is, in favour of the wealthy, unless the left make things too difficult.

In Britain, the Labour Party is the 21st century version of Populares, and the Conservative Party the 21st century version of Optimates.

It should be noted that the imperial period of Rome lasted approximately 1,500 years compared to the 500 years of the Republican era.

Time now for a new ideology that promotes the national interest: a nationalism which seeks to balance the conflicting interests of men and women, the old and young, the rich and poor while in government instead of waiting for the incumbent party to fail. Time to rationally govern the nation in the long term national interest for our descendants as yet unborn, who will not revile our memory for squandering what we could have passed on to them, if we had been less selfish, less sexually liberated, too busy waging a class war and heedless of posterity.

If you want want a one party state you will be accused of fascism, but the only countries who defy libtard US Deep State with an independent foreign policy are China, Iran, North Korea and Russia. Time now to rethink our political system and about replacing our degenerate matriarchy with a rational patriarchy, if we are still allowed to do such things as form our own opinions and create our own platforms for a full and frank exchange of ideas.

for the political parties to come together - in a national government 

A "national government" is a euphemism for a one party state.

The logical and necessary consequence of abolishing whipping in the Commons by disqualifying anyone who is a Whip from membership of the House of Commons - as Peter Bone proposed - would be the establishing of a one party state. 

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

The irresistible appeal of nationalism to those who reject consumerism and hedonism

Man cannot live on bread alone. His soul is hungry for the recognition of his unique qualities, even if he does not in fact possess them. He does not want to be a fungible commodity, which is what globalism turns us into. To escape from this state of being fungible, we want to belong to a tribe or a nation, and through this group elevate ourselves as individuals.

Our spiritual hunger for this recognition of our unrealised distinctiveness and uniqueness is of course the essential appeal of nationalism. If we lack the ability to be special and distinctive as individuals, we want our nation at least to be unique and special or be allowed to think so, free from the straitjacket of political correctness. This is the purpose of the Noble Lie.

The creation myth of a nation is akin to knowing one's parents, is it not?

Those of us who know our parents, grandparents and lineage are immeasuralby spiritually and socially more secure than the abandoned orphan who never even knew his own mother. The tragedy of Oedipus is based entirely on the necessity of knowing who we are, where we came from and how we came to be where we now are.

Much of nationalism is tied up in ideas of family and tribe, but most of all the idea family and our parents. Our father and mother may be just like any other man or woman but they are special because they are our parents. Our child may be just like any other child but is special because it is the fruit of our loins, bone of our bone, blood of our blood, flesh of our flesh. And that must be why people used to call their country the Motherland or the Fatherland, before the days of Political Correctness.

Feminism in the West has orphaned the white man from his roots and traditions.

The Bhagavad Gita:

Out of the corruption of women proceeds the corruption of races; out of the corruption of races, the loss of memory; out of the loss of memory, the loss of understanding, and out of this all evil.

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Did the Jews really break the moral compass of the Christians, as it is being claimed?

I think it is being suggested here that it was the Jews who "warped" the moral compass of the gentiles.

Does this mean that the Jewish moral compass is more robust and works better than the Christian one?

What is the purpose of a moral compass?

What is the purpose of morality?

All systems of morality are dos and don'ts for their particular group. The best morality will obviously produce the most powerful group ie Jews.

Jews are obviously very powerful because Christians even in their own land cannot mock Jews without suffering loss of status, employment or income or even loss of liberty. This seems to be the price of "winning" WW2 for the Allies and losing it for the Germans.

If the Jewish moral compass works better than the Christian moral compass, what can be done about improving the quality of the Christian moral compass?

Is the Christian moral compass broken beyond repair?

Is the Christian moral compass just the liberal moral compass these days, because Christianity and liberalism seem indistinguishable from each other?

Are the directions of the liberal and atheist compass all wrong eg saying East is North, and West is South? Perhaps that is the real problem.

If so, what should it be replaced with if the operation of the Jewish moral compass is beyond the ability of Christian and libtard comprehension because the Christian and libtard are now both degenerate?

Is the Jewish moral compass superior to the Muslim moral compass?

Could it be said that the Muslim moral compass is easier to operate than the Jewish moral compass?

If your moral compass is not working properly, what should you do?

What if the Jewish moral compass is better than the Christian moral compass?

Is the Christian moral compass these days like the liberal/atheist moral compass compass ie pointing in the wrong direction?

How do you know if your moral compass has broken down completely?

Is it when you think someone else has broken yours while accepting no responsibility whatsoever at all for not looking after it properly yourself?

When you start blaming others for breaking your moral compass, is that conclusive evidence that yours has now broken down irretrievably and get yourself a new moral compass urgently and immediately?

If you are saying that someone else's moral compass has broken your moral compass, could it be that your moral compass was never much cop to begin with?

Should gentiles snatch the Jewish moral compass from the Jews and use it for themselves, or just break it - like Hitler tried to do - so no one can use it at all and all be equally lost?

Could Jews validly argue that it was Christians who broke their moral compass first?

Nowhere in the Old Testament does it tell Jews to encourage gender confusion amongst gentiles. If Jews are indeed encouraging gender confusion amongst gentiles, this is not from their holy book.

Indeed, Jews are specifically told not to confuse gender roles. Deuteronomy 22:5 says:

A woman shall not wear anything that pertains to a man, nor shall a man put on a woman’s garment, for all who do so are an abomination to the Lord your God.

Could it be that living in Christians lands has broken the Jewish moral compass or made it work less well?

Could it be that even with a malfunctioning moral compass, Jews being a superior race do not suffer the consequences of a malfunctioning moral compass as much as Christians?

Is it breaking anyone's moral compass to acknowledge that the Jews are obviously a superior race?

Misery and Procrastination: are White Nationalists depressed?

Millennial Woes won't answer my question, though he concedes it is a good one.

Who are you going to pester with your questions on now that Millennial Woes has forbidden you to ask him more questions?

Why not ask Tara McCarthy your questions?

Can't you think of a question to ask Tara McCarthy?

Why are you of all people trying to muscle in on white nationalism?

How big is your head? The size of a stadium? What makes you think you of all people are smarter than all these white nationalists with YouTube channels that you have yourself admitted you are too technologically incompetent to have yourself?

I wonder why Millennial Woes administered such a public rebuke to you. I would just have ignored you if I didn't want to answer your questions. Now you are just going on and on and on and on about him telling you not to ask him any more questions.

Why do you think Millennial Woes might be subconsciously provoking you into going on about him by telling you not to ask him any more questions?

You of all people presume to give career advice to Millennial Woes. Many would be interested to know what career advice you would give yourself.

What career advice would you give to an Oriental woman aspiring to become a Nationalist Philosopher in Britain who does not even have a degree in philosophy?

What career advice would you give to an Oriental woman who aspires to be known as an Ethnographer of White People?

How would someone of your political history and background go about getting a column in a mainstream national publication?

What career advice would you give to someone who aspires to be a chat show hostess?

What career advice would you give to someone who aspires to be Messiah of the Jews?

Aren't you an aspiring revolutionary? If so, what career advice would you give an aspiring revolutionary?

Why would Islamophobic White Nationalists want to live under Secular Koranism?

What are the qualities required for a chat show hostess?

What benefits would a Khavian Britain give White Nationalists?

What might be the downside for White Men in Khavian Britain?

How would patriarchy benefit White Nationalists?

Why would white women support a Khavian Britain?

Why would unmarriageable poor, old white nationalists with no prospect of marriage support a Khavian Britain?

How hard would one be lashed for extramarital sex in Khavian Britain?

Should the alt-right choose a leader?

From 5th minute:

He already knew what he had to do. He already know what the solution was, but he didn't want to admit it, because if he admitted what the solution was, he then had the responsibility to act on that, to enact the solution and carry it out. And it was safer and more comfortable and familiar just to stay in this realm of analysis. It is a great big cliche because so many of us do it, and the more depressed we are, the more deep into depression we are, the more liable we are to do it, because novelty is very terrifying to a depressed person.