Sunday, 9 July 2017

Did the Jews really break the moral compass of the Christians, as it is being claimed?

I think it is being suggested here that it was the Jews who "warped" the moral compass of the gentiles.

Does this mean that the Jewish moral compass is more robust and works better than the Christian one?

What is the purpose of a moral compass?

What is the purpose of morality?

All systems of morality are dos and don'ts for their particular group. The best morality will obviously produce the most powerful group ie Jews.

Jews are obviously very powerful because Christians even in their own land cannot mock Jews without suffering loss of status, employment or income or even loss of liberty. This seems to be the price of "winning" WW2 for the Allies and losing it for the Germans.

If the Jewish moral compass works better than the Christian moral compass, what can be done about improving the quality of the Christian moral compass?

Is the Christian moral compass broken beyond repair?

Is the Christian moral compass just the liberal moral compass these days, because Christianity and liberalism seem indistinguishable from each other?

Are the directions of the liberal and atheist compass all wrong eg saying East is North, and West is South? Perhaps that is the real problem.

If so, what should it be replaced with if the operation of the Jewish moral compass is beyond the ability of Christian and libtard comprehension because the Christian and libtard are now both degenerate?

Is the Jewish moral compass superior to the Muslim moral compass?

Could it be said that the Muslim moral compass is easier to operate than the Jewish moral compass?

If your moral compass is not working properly, what should you do?

What if the Jewish moral compass is better than the Christian moral compass?

Is the Christian moral compass these days like the liberal/atheist moral compass compass ie pointing in the wrong direction?

How do you know if your moral compass has broken down completely?

Is it when you think someone else has broken yours while accepting no responsibility whatsoever at all for not looking after it properly yourself?

When you start blaming others for breaking your moral compass, is that conclusive evidence that yours has now broken down irretrievably and get yourself a new moral compass urgently and immediately?

If you are saying that someone else's moral compass has broken your moral compass, could it be that your moral compass was never much cop to begin with?

Should gentiles snatch the Jewish moral compass from the Jews and use it for themselves, or just break it - like Hitler tried to do - so no one can use it at all and all be equally lost?

Could Jews validly argue that it was Christians who broke their moral compass first?

Nowhere in the Old Testament does it tell Jews to encourage gender confusion amongst gentiles. If Jews are indeed encouraging gender confusion amongst gentiles, this is not from their holy book.

Indeed, Jews are specifically told not to confuse gender roles. Deuteronomy 22:5 says:

A woman shall not wear anything that pertains to a man, nor shall a man put on a woman’s garment, for all who do so are an abomination to the Lord your God.

Could it be that living in Christians lands has broken the Jewish moral compass or made it work less well?

Could it be that even with a malfunctioning moral compass, Jews being a superior race do not suffer the consequences of a malfunctioning moral compass as much as Christians?

Is it breaking anyone's moral compass to acknowledge that the Jews are obviously a superior race?

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