Sunday, 16 July 2017

E Michael Jones on sexual morality and the price of sex

E Michael Jones:

What this means is you have to act like a homosexual now, even if you're not a homosexual. What does that mean?
You engage in transient, sterile sexual relationships because they're cheap and because of that you're not going to ask for a raise whereas if you'd gotten married and had children you would have all this responsibility and you'd need more money. So what we have now is Berlin as the new paradigm of urban development. The gay mayor of Berlin says:
"We're poor, but we're sexy."
That's the paradigm for the entire world right now. In other words, even if you're not homosexual, you should act like a homosexual and engage in transient sterile relationships and be content with low-waged jobs because we'll call them start-ups, which will be the excuse for not paying you a decent wage. This is the way state of the art sexual liberation is being used to control primarily the millennial generation which is not forming families. The millennials have swallowed this homosexual propaganda hook, line and sinker and don't understand how they're being controlled by it.

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