Sunday, 9 July 2017

Misery and Procrastination: are White Nationalists depressed?

Millennial Woes won't answer my question, though he concedes it is a good one.

Who are you going to pester with your questions on now that Millennial Woes has forbidden you to ask him more questions?

Why not ask Tara McCarthy your questions?

Can't you think of a question to ask Tara McCarthy?

Why are you of all people trying to muscle in on white nationalism?

How big is your head? The size of a stadium? What makes you think you of all people are smarter than all these white nationalists with YouTube channels that you have yourself admitted you are too technologically incompetent to have yourself?

I wonder why Millennial Woes administered such a public rebuke to you. I would just have ignored you if I didn't want to answer your questions. Now you are just going on and on and on and on about him telling you not to ask him any more questions.

Why do you think Millennial Woes might be subconsciously provoking you into going on about him by telling you not to ask him any more questions?

You of all people presume to give career advice to Millennial Woes. Many would be interested to know what career advice you would give yourself.

What career advice would you give to an Oriental woman aspiring to become a Nationalist Philosopher in Britain who does not even have a degree in philosophy?

What career advice would you give to an Oriental woman who aspires to be known as an Ethnographer of White People?

How would someone of your political history and background go about getting a column in a mainstream national publication?

What career advice would you give to someone who aspires to be a chat show hostess?

What career advice would you give to someone who aspires to be Messiah of the Jews?

Aren't you an aspiring revolutionary? If so, what career advice would you give an aspiring revolutionary?

Why would Islamophobic White Nationalists want to live under Secular Koranism?

What are the qualities required for a chat show hostess?

What benefits would a Khavian Britain give White Nationalists?

What might be the downside for White Men in Khavian Britain?

How would patriarchy benefit White Nationalists?

Why would white women support a Khavian Britain?

Why would unmarriageable poor, old white nationalists with no prospect of marriage support a Khavian Britain?

How hard would one be lashed for extramarital sex in Khavian Britain?

Should the alt-right choose a leader?

From 5th minute:

He already knew what he had to do. He already know what the solution was, but he didn't want to admit it, because if he admitted what the solution was, he then had the responsibility to act on that, to enact the solution and carry it out. And it was safer and more comfortable and familiar just to stay in this realm of analysis. It is a great big cliche because so many of us do it, and the more depressed we are, the more deep into depression we are, the more liable we are to do it, because novelty is very terrifying to a depressed person.

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