Friday, 28 July 2017

Roger Scruton fails to denounce feminism again

Why are Conservatives derided and held in contempt? Because they are represented by dull doddery old coots like Scruton who refuses to criticise feminism and refuse to move aside for younger and bolder philosophers.

If Conservative principles are not defined, then how do people remain Conservative?

16th minute Scruton:

A market in sexual relations is the end of all social coherence.

This point was not picked up at all. How incredibly incompetent and sleepy of Peter Robinson who moved swiftly on to Brexit, who is probably gay.

23rd minute  Scruton on the indigenous working class:

In America as in Britain, the indigenous working class has been put out of mind, even overtly disparaged by the media and the political class. All attempts to give voice to their anxieties over immigration and over the impact on their lives of globalisation and the spread of liberal conceptions of sex, marriage and the family have been dismissed or silenced.
The old traditional working class no longer has that cohesion it had before and it is no longer an identifiable social mass. The liberal establishment has ceased to represent the interests of that class anyway. It represents the interests of the people who say they represented the interests of that class. It is a sell-serving ideology of people who want to appear virtuous without the cost of it. People in the media, the administration and so on who love the image of themselves as defenders of the people who recognise that when in the proximity of the people they feel nothing but repugnance.

Scruton says people are being asked to "deterritorialise" themselves by their own governments.

Peter Robinson:

The indigenous working class has no right to be upset about these liberal conceptions of sex and marriage because they are the one who have embraced them.

Scruton on the sexual morality:

This is the biggest area of temptation and a culture of resistance is needed for the protection of the working class and children who need a father at home who have lost that. Liberal propaganda has made it impossible to say these things unless you don't care what people say about you. The truth has been made unsayable by liberal censorship.

On Trump, Scruton says he won the election on the basis of things that were rightly said. One of the reasons why he was elected is for saying the unsayable. People have been living under a regime of liberal censorship which makes it very hard to say things without being accused of faults like racism, xenophobia which nobody wants to be accused of but those accusations are very easy to make because there is no criteria on which to make them other than the feelings involved."

Scruton on the cancer of our stinking Globalist Matriarchy that is destroying the middle class, the buffer class that functioning capitalist societies must have if capitalism is to survive: 

The expansion of the state to absorb more and more of civil society has happened everywhere, more outside the Anglosphere than inside the Anglosphere. You still have private education if you want it and can afford it. All that free association that made the English-speaking countries great still exist, but there is a tax on it of roughly speaking what you earn which goes to maintain a shadow community of parasites whose only justification is that the pretend to be governing. We belong to an organism that has a cancerous version of itself.

Sluts and socialists are the eternal enemies of society and civilisation.

Bhagavad Gita:

Out of the corruption of women proceeds the corruption of races; out of the corruption of races, the loss of memory; out of the loss of memory, the loss of understanding, and out of this all evil.

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