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Simon Sheppard arrested under the Terrorism Act 2000 and the trouble with the alt-right of Britain

Sheppard's current research is medical and involves a compound that is applied to the skin. It was going very well until he was arrested on suspicion of making racially aggravated complaints about an African the Council has moved in nearby. Seeing his equipment and materials, he was re-arrested under the Terrorism Act 2000. There is video somewhere of his area flooded with blue lights, while Sheppard was held under 24-hour watch. His computers have been taken away again.

Jez didn't mention the letter containing the Balfour Declaration at Waddesdon. (It was just a non-committal thank you letter from Arthur Balfour to Lord Rothschild for his donation to the Conservative Party, hardly a testament signed in blood.)

The Rothschilds never lived there, which is why it feels unlived in.  It was their "country cottage".

I wouldn't interpret the presence of Joshua Reynold's Thais as evidence that Jews want to destroy the West, let me be clear!

Joshua Reynolds turned this portrait of Emily Bertie Pott into a grand history painting by combining portraiture, classical literature and social comment. Thaïs famously encouraged Alexander the Great to burn the Palace of Persepolis. In the 18th century, she was associated with women like Emily, an infamous mistress of Charles Greville.

Burning of Persepolis
Thaïs apparently came from Athens and accompanied Alexander throughout his campaign in Asia Minor. She came to the attention of history when, in 330 BC, Alexander burned down the palace of Persepolis, the principal residence of the defeated Achaemenid dynasty, after a drinking party. Thaïs was present at the party and gave a speech which convinced Alexander to burn the palace. Cleitarchus claims that the destruction was a whim; Plutarch and Diodorus recount that it was intended as retribution for Xerxes' burning of the old Temple of Athena on the Acropolis in Athens (the site on the extant Parthenon) in 480 BC during the Persian Wars.

Jez Turner: "Liberalism caused Islam."
How did liberalism cause Islam? Or do you mean feminism and Western government policy caused immigration and Islamophobia?

UKIP leadership election

 Jez supports Anne Marie Waters, I support John Rees-Evans, Arron Banks supports David Kurten.

Joshua Bonehill's new prison (non-smoking) address

Joshua Bonehill A5933DM
HMP Guys Marsh

Liberals snobbishly think it beneath them to admit to being affected by the same things that adversely affect the indigenous proletariat.  I have concluded that the problem is really social snobbery and the operation of the English class system. If the ruling classes were antisemitic, sexist and racist, the sheeple and the political establishment would also be unquestioningly antisemitic, sexist and racist too as indeed they once were. At the end of the day, most members of society are sheeple and only a very small minority are capable of independent thought, and this includes nationalists and members of our political establishment who are exemplars of mediocrity, cowardice and hypocrisy. It is always from this minority that our future leaders will come from.

Transgenderism condemned

Meet Dr Victoria McCloud, UK’s First Ever Transgender High Court Judge

Britain no longer a Christian country

Why does Jez say the Church of England stopped being Christian 100 years ago? I would say it stopped being Christian about 200 years ago.

Jews and modern architecture

Is it quite fair to blame Jews for the soul-destroying uniformity and brutality modern architecture?

Russian Revolution: Hope, Tragedy, Myths
Open until Tue 29 Aug 2017

The oft-repeated accusation of Jews feeding gentiles the poison of liberalism is repeated here. Let me make it clear that while I have the greatest respect for the religion of God's Chosen People, I do not see that they should escape criticism and mockery from gentiles altogether.

It is of course the fact that the gentile in his own land cannot mock Jews that is responsible for so much antisemitism in the West.

While Jews suffer from the temptation of the strong and clever in bullying and exploiting the weak and stupid, I feel gentiles have to take some responsibility for their own predicament. Even if the Jew were always offering cups of poison to the gentile, there is still no reason for the gentile to always accept it and drink from it quite so eagerly and quickly.

Jews who urge feminism on the deranged and gullible gentile are never observant and orthodox Jews, are they?

Should any tribe be judged by the worst of its criminal members?

Can it not be argued that the matriarchy of the West has itself corrupted the morals of the Jews?

If the unscrupulous and immoral use the vulnerabilities of our irrational political system and immoral political ideology against us, shouldn't we take some responsibility for this for using such a rotten system and being fixated on an erroneous ideology because we are too proud, afraid or lazy to question it?

Is there something in the culture and politics of the gentile Westerner - some unpatched vulnerability in his software - that makes him particularly susceptible to these temptations to vice and degeneracy?

Very disappointingly, Jez does not discuss feminism at all.

There are some who blame Jews for feminism and use as authority for this proposition that prominent feminists are Jewesses, but I question this. Clever people are invariably attracted to politics and Jews being a superior race (because they have kept their traditions by caring whom they marry unlike the modern and degenerate gentile who no longer practises marriage) are a clever, tenacious and cohesive people who have risen to prominence because they are superior in talent and culture. What does not kill you makes you stronger, after all. Judaism is for Jews only, because it is so high maintenance that no gentile wants to be burdened by its practice unless s/he is lucky enough to find a Jew prepared to marry him or her and because of this have to convert.

If Islam is "Judaism Lite", then Secular Koranism is "Islam Lite". Both Judaism and Islam require from its adherents observance and practice of their traditions while Christianity only requires that Christians tell the lie that they believe in the absurdity of the Trinity, namely that they believe that Christ is simultaneously God Himself and His Son.

In our age of universal education, requiring belief in the Trinity as an article of Christian faith is now too much to ask, which is why the demand is no longer made.

Congregations are made to repeat the Nicene creed uncomprehendingly at church services, and this will have to do as lip service to the creed. Christian fundamentalists understand the nature of this corrupt bargain but cultural Christians do not, because this demand was never made of them, and few people who call themselves Christians were actually confirmed in adolescence.

For this reason, Christian principles have been progressively diluted and this explains why Christianity is now indistinguishable from liberalism. Christianity has failed Westerners, because they are now infected by the virus of feminism which will destroy even their desire to be cured from it.

They are suffering from a kind of dementia, it seems, so debilitating that most of the alt-right seem to be of the mind that they do not want a leader, and refuse to discuss this any further. They do not want a leader because they wish to escape the trouble and inconvenience of being led, because being led implies an arduous journey that they do not wish to embark upon, for they are desirous of staying at home in order to make their alt-right YouTube videos complaining about Jews, Muslims and immigration without ever lifting a finger to propose a practical political solution. Most of their videos consist of a daydream of a post-pogrom all-white West some indefinite time in the future. They do not want a leader because they do not wish to experience again the disappointment of being betrayed by their inadequate and dishonourable leaders, and they have all been inadequate and dishonourable. 

This neatly explains why I am denied a platform by the alt-right who are the intended beneficiaries of Secular Koranism.

The sad fact is that Western Man is now so emasculated by feminism that he now behaves like a woman.

Men often complain about women who tell them their problems and who become offended when a practical solution is offered. In reality, all the complaining woman wanted was your attention, your sympathy and your shoulder to cry on. She does not really want to leave her husband, break up with her boyfriend or change her job, because complaining about it with your attentive sympathy is enough to stop her from doing any of those things, for now.

The alt-right have become the woman who is offended because you have presented them with the solution that they do not wish to go to the trouble of implementing.

As Livy said, "We can neither bear our vices, or the cure for them."

The cure is patriarchy reinforced by a one party theocracy governed by the principles of Secular Koranism, and this none of them can bear to hear, because it means they have to reconsecrate marriage and punish extramarital sex.

Even in a patriarchy married sex is the most expensive form of sex, and most of these men know they are poor and unmarriageable. The prospect of fornicating with a fornicatress is the opium of what passes for their "religion". The idea of getting sex from a prostitute is probably too uncomfortable and expensive for them.

I am not so out of touch that I do not know why they detest my cure. Indeed, I have been told that my cure is worse than the disease, as Livy hinted.

All this has happened before, and it will happen again. The Chinese even have a term for it: Yin and Yang which explains the eternal battle of the sexes.

Denial is a feminine vice and the men of the alt-right have become women in denial. 

Jews are also victims of the matriarchy

Feminism causes anti-Semitism (as well as degeneracy, dementia, immigration and paedophilia)

Pankaj Mishra's Age of Anger does not mention how feminism makes men of all races angry 

 Rabbi Sacks on why a weak sense of identity makes formerly Christian gentile Westerners angry and frightened. Jews never lost their traditions and identity because their religion itself is about  reminding them of their identity, which is why they remain the most cohesive and powerful of tribe of all the tribes of the world, even as they lived in gentile lands after being expelled from Israel by the Romans all those centuries ago. 

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